36"L x 18"W x 18"H Composite Main Street Planter with 30"W x72"H PVC Trellis

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Whats included: Handmade composite PVC planter 36" x 18" x 19"H with a 30" Wide x 72" in Height PVC trellis that attaches inside the planter. It will arrive in two separate pieces, and will need to be bolted together on site. See download for specifics.

Commercial garden trellises add beauty and privacy to public spaces, while providing instant appeal to your building's exterior. Whether placed strategically along trails and other public squares, or used in dining areas to divide specific locations with a bit of flourish conventional walls and fencing just can't provide, a well-used garden trellis is a thing of beauty. These trellis planters take this appeal a step further with the addition of a large rectangular garden planter, allowing you to display a breathtaking assortment of bright flowers and blooms, mingled with the style of a traditional slatted trellis design.

The large interior of the planter itself makes way for a myriad of flowers, vines, and even edibles. Plant herbs for delicious fragrance that guests are sure to enjoy. Or, keep things simple with seasonal flowers to work with your additional landscaping or décor. You can also choose our faux flowers and other outdoor plants, which offer an authentic look without all the maintenance or weather restrictions.

Each of our trellis planters boasts the look of real wood, but they're actually made from our cellular composite PVC. That means they can maintain their realistic look over time, but without rotting or warping like real timber can experience. Insect damage is also kept to a minimum.

Choose from custom colors and sizes. Just call our customer support professionals to discuss your upcoming project.

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Length 36"
Height 72"
Width 18"
Type Trellis
Shape Rectangle
Color White
Material Composite
Style Large, Classic
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