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Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential Landscape Lighting

Get the best landscape lighting for your property when you shop Hooks & Lattice's extensive collection of line voltage, LED and low voltage lighting. We offer outdoor light fixtures made from aluminum, brass and copper that are built to last. We also have a large selection of lamping options for you to choose from, so you can be sure you will illuminate outdoor spaces sufficiently.

Click to the categories below to shop your choice of lighting, then peruse our landscape lighting fixtures and power supplies for walkway and path lighting, directional lighting for landscaping features and even submersible underwater pond lights. Step down and low voltage transformers are available separately, as are replacement parts and accessories.

Effective Low and Line Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lights have become increasingly more attractive and certainly eco-friendly in the last decade. With the advent of effective low volt outdoor lighting techniques, as well as improved line voltage lights, your yard can be both more secure as well as beautiful after the sun goes down. Without a doubt, it has become more common to see LED bullet lights to brighten either architectural features, to spotlight doors and entryways, than full powered exterior lighting. Having said that, many line voltage fixtures offer premium illumination in key areas that require brightness. Whether you are looking for greater security with yard lights or to showcase a gurgling water feature after dark, exterior light fixtures provide state-of-the-art illumination where you want and need it most.

Save Money on LED Landscape Lighting

By incorporating LED landscape lighting into your home or business, you can reap the benefits of significant illumination on key areas of your property by using less electricity. We carry several different styles of LED light fixtures including:

  • In-ground well lights
  • Stair and step lights
  • Hanging and wall lights
  • Path lights
  • Submersible pond lights.

We also carry low voltage transformers to "step down" the main line voltage, giving you complete coverage for LED lighting. A good number of our exterior light fixtures are sold individually but we also sell all-in-one lighting kits. These include:

  • In-ground and above ground landscape light fixtures
  • Underwater pond lights Pathway lights
  • Curb appeal light packages
  • Activity area lighting for putting greens and BBQ areas.

Yard Lights for Home and Business

Typically, homeowners and business owners prefer to have either a wall light or post light near the front door or adjacent to the walkway. Bright yard lights keep prowlers away and can reduce vandalism, a significant reason for this kind of lighting. Typically, these lights are part of your main 120V line voltage system since they offer greater illumination than LED lights can. To that end, we carry rugged wall light and post light fixtures in several attractive styles and sizes. They are highly effective in illuminating the front part of your home or business and in combination with LED lights, offer great protection. For information on any of our landscape light fixtures, LED bullet or pathway lights, wall lights or post lights, just give us a call at 800-896-0978.