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Line Voltage 120V Lighting

Line Voltage 120V Lighting

Get top quality line voltage lighting and accessories for landscape illumination and beautiful curb appeal. All of the lighting offered in this section does not require a transformer and can be hooked right into standard 120 volt service. Nearly all residences run 120v lines, making these outdoor lighting fixtures easy for homeowners to shop for and easy to install.

Shop a variety of landscape light styles including:

  • Path lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Accessories and Junction boxes

Garden pathway lighting is the perfect way to turn your backyard into the next HGTV special. As the walkway twists and turns through foliage and florals your guests will tread safely on the path, guided by illuminated fixtures. Another landscape light type that often goes overlooked are bollards. Lighting bollards are basically post lights that take up minimal space and are offered up modern designs to suit contemporary styles.

Questions about 120 volt Landscape Lights?:
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Light Up The Night With Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has long distinguished ordinary home or office landscape from unlit, drab grounds after dark. With Line Voltage 120V Lighting you can now have pathway lights that work directly off your home or business's electrical system. Without requiring a transformer to step down the voltage, 120V landscape lights are easy to install and efficient to operate. What's more, having outdoor lighting that effectively showcases your property has several distinct advantages. First, it creates a safer environment after the sun goes down. Pathway lighting provides illumination on sidewalks and steps. Second, walkway lights, bollard lights, and other lighting fixtures such as floodlights, can display key architectural features that set your property apart from those in the surrounding environment.

Elegant Pathway Lights

Several pathway light styles are available for your walkways. Choose from more than a dozen styles and sizes, from the lovely Half Moon Hat Line Voltage Path Light, the intriguing Hollyhock Hat Line Voltage Path Light to the Natural Brass Half Moon Hat Line Voltage Path Light and much more. Each and every style is guaranteed to provide adequate lighting where you need it most. What's more, because we have such a robust inventory of designs, there is sure to be plenty of options to choose from that fit your own architectural decor.

Rugged Bollard Lights

With a dozen styles to choose from, our landscape bollard light collection has some of the finest post lighting available on the market today. Made from rugged yet refined-looking heavy gauge aluminum with extruded accents on top, each bollard light offers aesthetic appeal while providing safety that would otherwise be lacking. Install them near water features to demarcate pond edges. Or use them as a barrier to protect electrical equipment. Bollard lights are also highly useful illumination tools to direct foot traffic

Customize To Fit Your Architectural Sensibilities

If you are looking for a specific finish on either bollard or pathway lights, we offer a number of options for polyester coats in different shades and textures. We can adapt to your design plans in 15 different colors so passersby see one cohesive style on your property, whether during the daylight or after dark. Give us a call to speak with one of our design specialists about your next lighting project.