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Bollards are a multi-functional landscape furnishing that adds both physical protection and ornamental decoration to a property. Now with our broad selection of bollard landscape lighting you can easily install these lovely features on your property, boosting both curb appeal and security. They can be used in both commercial and residential environments. Made with heavy gauge, extruded aluminum posts, these light bollards can be used to effectively block and protect specific areas like building entrances, exposed utilities, and landscape features like ponds or gardens. Use them to direct foot and bicycle traffic in areas with a heavy traffic flow. You can even use them to keep vehicles from straying into restricted spaces. Or simply install them as a decorative accent to showcase your landscape after the sun has gone down!

From an aesthetic point of view, bollard lights can be used to effectively enhance a property's decorative qualities, accenting its specific design features. Our landscape lights can be customized with a number of polyester powder coat finishes to make them a perfect fit with your landscape design. Choose from 15 subtly stunning colors. With a number of styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect lights for your application. Call our customer service department today to discuss how you can incorporate bollard lights into your landscape.

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