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Light your way from the front to the back of your yard and places in between with these low voltage path lights. Our path lighting comes in a variety of styles from recessed to surface mount. Use them to light up walkways, sidewalks, stone paths and other sources you use to get from one part of your property to another. They can be combined with grates and lenses to create different effects and colored lenses can also be used to add even more versatility. They also will help eliminate safety hazards forever because everyone will be able to see where they are going. Also intruders are less likely to show up at a house that is lit up from the outside.

Use these lights to not only illuminate your way but to keep strangers and intruders at bay. The lights are low voltage so you won't have to worry about sending your electric bill into the stratosphere, and since the lights only pull the current they need to run, they decreases the chances of an electrical issue occurring.

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