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Outdoor Artificial Ball Topiaries

Get artsy in the garden with Outdoor Artificial Ball Topiaries brought to you by Artificial Plants Unlimited. Outdoor topiary plants can bring an alluring sophistication to any landscape, but growing and maintaining live round topiary trees can prove quite a task. That's why we present the round topiary to our customers in the form of Outdoor Artificial Ball Topiaries to be enjoyed in any application, during any season and by any gardener regardless of skill level - including none at all.

Each of our round topiary trees is a realistic, quality built, faux round topiary. Recognized for their design value, outdoor topiary plants have achieved new definition in both traditional and contemporary landscapes making a lifelike faux option more desirable than ever. Also, round topiary trees for exterior applications are UV rated to resist fading and help keep your faux plants indiscernible from live ones.

Outdoor topiary plants are sold and ship un-potted. Planters are available for separate purchase. For questions, please call toll free: 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

Boxwood Topiary Sphere in Delta Triangle Planter 33", Outdoor Rated
Boxwood Topiary Sphere in Delta Triangle Planter 45", Outdoor Rated
Boxwood Topiary Sphere in Modern Tapered Planter 59inH, Outdoor Rated
7' Wheatgrass 3 Ball Topiary Sphere Tree, Outdoor
5' Hemisphere Umbrella Boxwood Topiary Tree - Outdoor
Ivy Topiary Ball
5' Outdoor Three Ball Topiary - Pot Not Included
84in. Outdoor Boxwood Topiary - Three Tiers
Artificial outdoor topiary plants allow for a timeless piece of garden art to flourish in any landscape. The Outdoor Artificial Ball Topiaries online at Artificial Plants Unlimited are elegant round topiary trees designed for exterior applications at home or in commercial outdoor spaces. Forget water, garden shears and exposure regulation - a faux round topiary will only look like it is cared for meticulously.

An artificial outdoor topiary with a sphere topiary silhouette possesses a level of sophistication that's impossible to ignore. Historically, outdoor topiary plants have been used as an art form that showcases a certain level of gardening skill. In modern times, round topiary trees still embody this discipline but in a more whimsical tone. With an artificial sphere topiary, any landscape can enjoy the presence of outdoor topiary plants for an added layer of design depth.

Outdoor Artificial Ball Topiaries are particularly popular with landscape designers whose clients demand a high level of sophistication and a low level of maintenance. Faux round topiary trees can be found scattered around various high-end commercial exteriors, including sphere topiary plants lining resort pool decks, surrounding outdoor dining areas at downtown eateries and along walkways at open-air shopping malls.

For residential applications, an artificial outdoor topiary will dazzle neighbors with an enchanting sphere topiary silhouette rising up to add another landscape layer. To play with the aesthetic of a round topiary, simply choose a planter that suggests a certain style. For a modern twist on this traditional art form, place round topiary trees in sleek, cubical planters in a matted neutral finish. To make outdoor topiary plants shine in all their historical glory, choose a rustic urn planter or a weathered bronze pot.

Outdoor topiary plants in this online category are sold and ship un-potted unless noted otherwise. For suggestions on planters to accompany round topiary trees, one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to work with you on finding a container for separate purchase. Each sphere topiary is an outdoor-rated, UV protected product designed for exterior applications. For interior design projects, a comprehensive category of indoor round topiary trees is also available.

For questions on Outdoor Artificial Ball Topiaries or custom project consultation, please call toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.