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Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Clusters

Living outdoor plants are a challenge to take care of for both business and homeowners alike, particularly bamboo clusters. Yet, with recent advances in artificial plant technology, investing in the beauty of your home or storefront has never been so easy to accomplish, eliminating the challenges of live plant care altogether. Outdoor artificial bamboo is particularly advantageous, with its naturally repeating segments that create a lush tropical look. In contrast, live bamboo can grow fast and thick, requiring intensive labor time and expense. But fake bamboo has no such demands. In fact, it's virtually maintenance free, thereby making bamboo stalks from Artificial Plants Unlimited a popular way to beautify any outdoor space.

Outdoor bamboo is versatile too. Use a row to create a hedge that covers a bare concrete wall, or as a privacy screen to block views from one section to another. You can even add bamboo in planters along with commercial silk plants to create a Zen look in the garden or at a building entrance. As is true with all of our outdoor artificial plants, fake bamboo is UV and weather resistant, maintaining its colorful charm for years to come.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster, 3 Canes
Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster, 6 Canes
Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster, 9 Canes
Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster in Planter, 3 Canes
Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster in Planter, 6 Canes
Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster in Planter, 9 Canes
79in. Black Bamboo Cluster in Weighted Base, Outdoor Rated

Bamboo Clusters Make the Best Outdoor Artificial Plants

When considering outdoor artificial plants for your landscaping project, bamboo clusters convey an exotic look without an exotic price. Live outdoor bamboo requires enormous amounts of time, energy, and attention, not to mention natural resources like sunlight and water. Not so, with artificial bamboo that saves money on all of them. Combined with commercial silk plants and artificial trees, fake bamboo presents a thoroughly beautiful Zen look, while also being extremely functional. Use bamboo in planters to separate outdoor sections for a sidewalk cafe. Or, create a privacy screen with a row of bamboo stalks to cover unsightly mechanical equipment or sterile concrete block walls.

There are numerous options for height and width of whatever plant size or cluster you need created by Artificial Plants Unlimited. Choose from three, six, or nine canes, or even a single stalk, set in either a metal frame, planter, or stones. Or, create much larger clusters for special projects for a one-of-a-kind grove or cluster. You can also choose cane or stalk colors, including black, green, or yellow.

Inherently UV Protected for Exterior Use Year-Round

UV-protected and built to last, our bamboo clusters look as real as live bamboo but last far longer, looking as vibrant and fresh as they day installed. With their lush green leaves that never lose color, outdoor artificial bamboo looks natural and authentic no matter where it is positioned. Many businesses use bamboo planters to establish landscape boundaries or incorporate them into gardens with live plants. In addition, our bamboo stalks serve as "blocking" devices that can camouflage unsightly equipment, or to flank walkways that guide foot traffic. When used for this last purpose, the positioning of bamboo planters is so subtle, it looks like a sidewalk was created around the artificial bamboo instead of the other way around.

Since outdoor bamboo is a customized product in general, our design team can build whatever your landscape specifications call for. We can manufacture grove thickness, the height you need and the medium the stalks are to be planted in. While we have standard cluster thicknesses and heights, we love special projects and will work with you to achieve the desired look you're hoping to achieve.