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Outdoor Artificial Bamboo In Modern Planters

Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Plants and Trees have become a much sought-after design choice for the discerning business or homeowner as a way to save on precious resources without compromising the natural look in exterior landscaping. Having the ability to utilize artificial bamboo plants for privacy screens and space dividers for a unique hospitality design allows you to create the desired look you're hoping to achieve in a cost-effective manner.

The durability of our artificial bamboo plants is significant. Made from sturdy individual custom bamboo groves, each of our individual artificial plants can be created to a stalk thickness that fulfills the grove thickness to meet your exact specifications. Naturally, this includes height, color, and overall bamboo grove density. And the money you will save with custom outdoor bamboo will be significant since it does not require any maintenance, eliminates staff time for care, not to mention there is no need to water. Since it is UV protected, our bamboo plants hold their vibrant green color as richly as the first day they were installed.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

2'L Bamboo Outdoor Artificial Grove in Modern Fiberglass Planter
3'L Bamboo Outdoor Artificial Grove in Modern Fiberglass Planter
4'L Bamboo Outdoor Artificial Grove in Modern Fiberglass Planter
5'L Bamboo Outdoor Artificial Grove in Modern Fiberglass Planter
6'L Bamboo Outdoor Artificial Grove in Modern Fiberglass Planter
8'L Bamboo Outdoor Artificial Grove in Modern Fiberglass Planter
48in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove in Modern Planter, Outdoor
72in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove in Modern Planter, Outdoor
96in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove in Modern Planter, Outdoor

Custom Outdoor Bamboo in Beautiful Fiberglass Planters

For the latest in modern outdoor bamboo design, select a lovely planter and forget the invasiveness that live bamboo entails. Our artificial bamboo plants are the perfect solution when your hospitality design calls for privacy screens or space dividers, commonly found in many hotels, restaurants, and lounge areas. By buying custom bamboo in one of our sleek, modern fiberglass planters, you can create the kind of look you need to dress up and manage your space. Lightweight and portable, especially if you add castors, custom bamboo planters are ideal when you need design freedom in large rooms, for conference halls or banquet, and is a favorite for special event companies and party rental companies.

So Many Options

Offered in an infinite number of colors and quality finishes, fiberglass planter options don't end there. Order either one of our predetermined sizes or we can manufacture bamboo planters to meet your exact size specifications. Standard sizes range from a petite twenty-four inches long to a magnanimous ninety-six inches long, and beyond. Each shown size carries a height of forty-eight inches tall, although we can custom size to whatever your specifications require, including staggered heights.

Additionally, we carry jumbo size Outdoor Artificial Bamboo in Modern Planters, reaching as tall as twenty-four feet, with fourteen and nineteen feet options as well. Choose from black, green, or yellow cane stalks to match whatever fits your exterior decor. We also offer authentic metal coatings that include brushed or polished copper, bronze or aluminum, with specialty textures additionally available. Corten steel and raw iron is also an option. Textures include sand, matte, semi-gloss or a high gloss finish.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

The advantages of choosing artificial bamboo are that it saves money in a myriad of ways and curtails overconsumption of natural resources. There are no leaves to pick up, no staff to hire to cut back the insidious and fast growing patterns of live bamboo, and there's no trimming required. Essentially, outdoor bamboo is maintenance free. You'll save on water bills and water use too, preserving this precious resource for other areas of your property and, of course, the planet.

Give us a call today and see how we can save you money in the long term by using outdoor artificial bamboo in fiberglass planters.