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Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Divider in Soil Base

Artificial outdoor bamboo can be used as a screen to beautify an unattractive area, clumped in long planters to divide a space, direct foot traffic or simply make a space pop. Natural plants take care, maintenance and do not always look their best. Artificial Outdoor Bamboo from Planters Unlimited does not require fertilizer or water; If the outdoor bamboo gets dirty or dusty, just spray it off with a hose.

Understanding the cost of your artificial outdoor bamboo planting can be difficult. What height do you want? What kind of foliage density will give you the look you want? Breaking down the pricing into cost-per-foot is an excellent way to make your project's bamboo cost easier to understand. Ordering in individual stalks can also free you up to design your space to your specific needs. You are not bound by a predetermined height or clumping. Use artificial indoor bamboo per foot to customize your space.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

4'L Bamboo Artificial Outdoor Grove- Three Heights Available!
6'L Bamboo Artificial Outdoor Grove- Three Heights Available!
8'L Bamboo Artificial Outdoor Grove- Three Heights Available!
Outdoor Artificial Bamboo, Individual Cane
48in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove, Outdoor
72in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove, Outdoor
96in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove, Outdoor

There's A Touch of the Exotic in Outdoor Bamboo

Outdoor Artificial Bamboo creates interest in the exotic while serving a practical function in the process. Use it to stage an outdoor area for which you need space dividers, create pathways, or include in a Zen garden with a pond. Since live bamboo can become invasive, requiring constant watering, trimming, and cutting back--all activities that require staff time, natural resource usage, and ongoing expenses--artificial bamboo trees make good sense. No wonder so many landscape architects, designers, small businesses, even homeowners, are turning to outdoor bamboo.

Besides their elegance and beauty, bamboo stalks are sturdy too, containing higher compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete, with an impressive tensile strength that rivals steel. This quality, alone, makes bamboo plants an extremely cost-effective buy. Added to that is the fact that our commercial-grade outdoor bamboo poles for sale are UV-protected, providing years of beauty by maintaining their leaves rich, green color. Plus, stalks come in three colors, also UV-protected, in green, yellow, or black. In fact, black bamboo adds elegance in outdoor patios and as accents in meditation gardens.

Various Sizes Available

Create an entire grove to capture the feel of the East or choose a single stalk to generate an eclectic focal point on your property. As is true with a number of our faux plants, outdoor artificial bamboo comes in different heights. Select the one that is right for your project, or even stagger several groves in various heights to create an authentic natural look. Fully customizable in other areas as well, choose between foliage and clump densities, mounting options that include steel plates, soil, or rocks. Calculating a cost-per-foot lets you see the value of your landscaping design project as well.

Finally, as an essentially maintenance-free artificial tree cluster, you can rely on outdoor artificial bamboo's durability, lasting for years and years into the future. Similar to other faux plants in our product line, should groves accumulate a bit of dust or occasional debris, simply use a hose to rinse off leaves and stalks. They will look as good as the first day installed, providing years of beauty and functionality on your commercial or residential property.