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15in. Artificial Cyclamen Bush, Outdoor Rated

Organize the overall beauty of your home décor and garden design with flowering shrubs from our trio of perennial-inspired outdoor artificial bushes. We have 3 gorgeous colors available - red, fuchsia, and white - and each cluster of colorful blossoms is nestled amidst a base of flourishing green leaves and stems. Comprised of silky materials, these flowering shrubs look 100% naturalistic and realistic. However, unlike their natural counterparts, our outdoor artificial bushes are designed to last longer without regular upkeep. No watering, weeding, planting, or sunshine required! Additionally, each bunch of these cyclamen bushes is protected against the damages of inclement weather.

15in. Artificial Cyclamen Bush, Outdoor Rated - Fuschia
15in. Artificial Cyclamen Bush, Outdoor Rated - Red
15in. Artificial Cyclamen Bush, Outdoor Rated -White

Outdoor Artificial Cyclamen Bushes

Artificial Cyclamen Bushes provide a burst of color easily and conveniently anywhere you incorporate them into your design scheme. Fill your flower box or other garden pots and planters with faux flowers, cyclamen style. Available in several luscious colors including fuschia and red, as well as white, these artificial window box plants look as natural as those that grow in the garden. Full and vibrant, fold artificial cyclamen flowering shrubs as groundcover or set alongside fences. These silk flowers add a pop of coloration that provides added curb appeal to any greenery no matter how they are arranged or where they are set. And with faux flowers, you eliminate watering and pruning too, making them maintenance free and easy on the budget in the process.

Enduring All Kinds of Climates

Our fake cyclamen plants are easily integrated with live or outdoor artificial bushes as they are UV protected and outdoor rated, retaining vibrancy season after season. Their leaves and flowers are not only authentic-looking when they first arrive, they remain that way in all kinds of climates too. Every cluster of flowers is fortified and preserved with natural additives, ensuring each leaf shines and is protected through years of inclement weather. Flowers are equally protected, holding their color for years to come. Plus, the process safeguards flowers and foliage from rot, mildew and bugs, as well as fading. Choose several colors to mix and match without worry of color bleeds or blending together due to outdoor sun exposure or temperature extremes.

Faux Flowers: It's All In the Details

So real you'll be tempted to check for fragrance, our Artificial Cyclamen Bushes are constructed using the finest polyblend materials. Each leaf is crafted to mimic their natural counterparts using subtle variegated coloring with white gently folded among the leaf structure that includes realistic-looking veins. What's more, leaves are velvety soft and stems are free of thorns and barbs. With colors so rich and leaves so soft, how could anyone ever imagine they are anything but real. For additional information or for customization options, please contact us to speak with one of our design specialists today.