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Outdoor Artificial Flowers & Plants

Adding floral brilliance to containers is easy with outdoor artificial flowers. A smart, time-saving alternative to live blossoms, silk flowering plants serve to replicate all the beauty of nature without adding upkeep. And with foliage and petals this botanically correct, fake flowers shine genuinely in window box, garden planter and hanging basket arrangements.

At Hooks & Lattice, our selection of silk flowering plants and vines includes all your garden favorites. From the delicate, airy petals of impatiens, to the bright and robust blooms of hibiscus, fake flowers put on quite a show outdoors. Choose from vines and shrubs to fill up hanging baskets and terra cotta pots, or insert tropical bromeliads into living arrangements as an exotic touch. Outdoor artificial flowers are also a savvy solution for second-story window boxes and over-exposed corners of the house where live plant installation proves challenging. Buy as single plants for DIY arranging, or check out our faux flower "recipes" to match popular window box sizes.

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Put silk flowering plants to work and achieve botanical genius with less time and effort. In hanging baskets, window planters and wooden crates, outdoor fake flowers fit in effortlessly, even with other live plants. And the beauty goes beyond their lifelike look - these brilliant blossoms remain cheerful without day-to-day upkeep.

So, bring in the outdoor artificial flowers, and forget teetering atop a ladder to reach second-story window boxes. Faux botanicals also let you leave the worries of drought, exposure and neglect behind. After all, even the most dedicated gardeners can use a little relief here and there. By swapping live arrangements for artificial, you can strategically insert color and texture as needed, filling even the most challenging areas of a landscape with lively blossoms.

Each silk flowering plant is made of the finest quality faux materials. Hooks & Lattice offers a range of vibrant choices, from pre-designed "recipes" to fit popular window box sizes, to individual shrubs and vines for do-it-yourself arranging. For lasting outdoor use, every facet of fake flower design is UV-protected, right down to the tip of colorful petals. This and general safeguards against weather damage lets gardeners display artificial blooms with confidence during any season.

Delight in low-maintenance silk versions of all your favorites, from exotic bromeliads and bougainvillea, to classic arrangements of geraniums and impatiens. Artificial flowering vines like azalea are stunning in hanging baskets, window boxes and railing planters. And elegant floral shrubs like gardenia make a charming potted accent for a patio tabletop or the edges of a front porch staircase.

Fake flowers and silk floral arrangements and "recipes" are sold and ship un-potted unless noted otherwise. Many of our customers insert artificial plants in and amongst other living botanicals, even incorporating faux stems into container garden arrangements. Superior materials, weather protection and UV-resistance come together to yield displays that reliably outlast other silk plants.