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Artificial Gardenia Flowers-Outdoor

Available in three sizes, the silk gardenia flowers found here are appropriate to fill a large planter or window boxes measuring in any length. Designed for durable outdoor use, these artificial gardenias work wonders for difficult planting areas including second story window boxes, high-up hanging planters or in an unadorned corner of the front porch where sunlight rarely hits.

Just like their live counterparts, artificial gardenias have creamy-white flowers with glossy, dark green leaves. Aside from the absent fragrance, these silk gardenia flowers give a highly convincing portrayal of nature. One of our favorite combinations for a window box is to couple artificial gardenias with one of our faux bougainvillea vines to achieve a lovely combination of springing stems and cascading greenery. Top off all the beautiful and brilliant blooms with the fact that it's all in carefree silk form, and you have a winning plant arrangement in terms of visual appeal and practicality. Please note, outdoor artificial gardenias are priced and ship un-potted.

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14in. Outdoor Artificial Gardenia Bush
15in. Outdoor Artificial Gardenia Bush
19in. Outdoor Artificial Gardenia - White
2' Outdoor Artificial Gardenia - White
28in. Outdoor Artificial Gardenia- White
28in. Outdoor Artificial Gardenia - Red - Outdoor
4.5' Outdoor Artificial Gardenia Topiary
Like in nature, our artificial gardenias have the unmistakable beauty of creamy white blooms set against a base of dark green foliage. And also like their natural counterparts, silk gardenia flowers from Artificial Plants Unlimited are inspired by tropical and subtropical origins. The difference, you ask? These plants have no sunlight, soil or climate requirements and can dazzle in any region - from finicky northern climates to arid desert land.

In this collection, we strived to assemble options that go beyond the usual lot of silk gardenia flowers found in craft or home goods stores. The artificial gardenias found here are what we consider to be some of the best available on the market for outdoor use, in terms of authenticity, durability and longevity. Each plant features a construction that focuses on lifelike color, shape and texture so as to make an impressive imitation of live gardenia for your outdoor arrangements.

Outdoor artificial gardenias are available here in three sizes including 19", 24" and 28" plants that are appropriate for any length of window box or a large outdoor planter. Our customers utilize them as accent plants in terra cotta pots, as arrangements lined in second story window boxes to avoid treacherous watering, and in various other outdoor placements including those in and amongst other live and artificial plants. Flowers like silk gardenia are also a favorite for on-the-go types who want a little exterior sprucing without adding live plant care to their schedule.

In addition to the quality silk gardenia options featured here, Artificial Plants Unlimited also features various other outdoor faux flowers including bougainvillea, geraniums, hibiscus and azalea. For a hint of seasonal charm, poinsettias are a lovely option to weave into window boxes alongside the crisp white flowers of artificial gardenias. Having assorted faux plants in your arsenal also never hurts for tough planting times when your outdoor containers could use a little filler. Add a silk gardenia here and there to save your exterior from looking drab while live plants lie dormant.

Unless noted otherwise, outdoor silk gardenia bushes are priced as the plant-only and ship without a pot included.