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Window Box Artificial Flower Arrangements

For a reliably fresh display, artificial flower arrangements do not disappoint. This selection of flowers are right at home in your outdoor planters and even among other live plant life. Although realistic enough to display at eye level, faux flowers for window boxes on second or third floor windows are particularly popular. No hard to reach watering or plant maintenance, just lively colors and silhouettes during any season.

Our variety of arrangements includes geranium, bougainvillea and azalea. Each replicated silk flower is made from a quality-grade PolyBlend material that offers a convincing imitation of nature and also UV protection for exterior use. Displaying flowers, vines and foliage are truly a faultless answer for window boxes in elevated or hard to reach places. Also, with UV protection already built into the plant, these products hold their color over multiple seasons for long-lasting, carefree beauty.

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Lifelike artificial flowers are a great place to begin for carefree container garden arrangements. At Hooks and Lattice, our customers are passionate about their gardens and so are we. This is why we supply the most convincing replica of nature at the most economical price.

Check out vibrant silk flowers like the bougainvillea and azalea vines, or a row of springy geranium bushes. They may be made up of PolyBlend, but their allure rivals that of their counterparts in nature. Add to that a low-maintenance temperament and you have a winning combination for outdoor container gardening.

Each of the arrangements featured above is made from PolyBlend, which is a special kind of flexible plastic material. PolyBlend silk flowers undeniably challenge the look, texture and shape of real plants, which makes this material top notch for assimilating the natural environment.

On top of their realism, this option is a practical alternative to live planting for a variety of reasons. Hard to reach spots where watering and care is difficult or risky to access is ideal for fake plants, such as second-story or roof locations. Use whatever foam or plaster of Paris base you prefer, and adorn the top with moss or other fillers as a disguise. The UV protection will resist fading and slow down color morphing over time. The PolyBlend material is also engineered to withstand year-round weather conditions. So, whether you plant hanging azalea or bougainvillea vines in an upper level, or pot silk flowers at eye level, this assortment of UV protected PolyBlend plants looks sharp for multiple seasons.

Products supplied here by Hooks and Lattice are available to order online. By clicking on individual products above, our customers can easily navigate options like size, color and style, to determine which lifelike faux plants are right for individual container gardening needs.