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Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters

Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters from Artificial Plants Unlimited are custom groupings of artificial tall reeds, built to your project specifications. Artificial reed beds can play a range of roles in residential and commercial landscapes, from applications as artificial pond plants to making fresh, green container garden arrangements.

Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters are modeled after water horsetail for lifelike artificial reed beds that give a convincing reproduction of nature. Artificial tall reeds can be ordered in a range of sizes and at different density levels in order to control the amount of height and coverage. Commercially, tall reeds are useful both for creating barriers and adding greenery. Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters can be found at resorts, restaurants, retail centers and other luxury properties nationwide.

Custom artificial reed beds and Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters can be ordered over the phone with a knowledgeable and friendly project representative at Artificial Plants Unlimited. Please call us toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Mon-Fri.

For artificial tall reeds inspired by nature and built for your project, Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters from Artificial Plants Unlimited answer both calls. Artificial reed beds can be custom built for your unique project, whether you want fake water plants to line a fountain or artificial tall reeds to create a barrier between private spaces and areas with heavy foot traffic.

Although these selections are artificial, pond plants known as water horsetails provide the living muse. Like in nature, our artificial reed beds come with groupings of shoots for a lifelike effect. Each of the Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters we build has pieces with highly authentic shape, color and detailing so your fake water plants actually look like horsetail reeds plucked straight from the pond. However, unlike their live counterparts, artificial pond plants need no water or pruning.

Each of our artificial tall reeds is an outdoor-rated product with UV protection built into the faux plant resin. This means less fading and a higher quality of color over time. Fake water plants and artificial pond plants may be inspired by waterlogged species, but mostly they are used on land - like in container gardens as a sort of contemporary mini-hedge. Sophisticated and fresh, outdoor artificial reed beds are ideal for innovative exteriors of all kinds.

Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters are available for order over the phone in custom configurations. Based on each specific project, our staff of experts can help build artificial reed beds and groupings of artificial tall reeds to accomplish aesthetic and functional goals. Due to their vertical nature, artificial reeds are a common choice for creating functionally aesthetic barriers. Take a resort pool deck for example: strategically placed artificial reed clusters can help to delineate walkways, mark a swim up bar or even cover up unsightly vents and metal grills.

For customers interested in ordering pre-configured Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters, Artificial Plants Unlimited also orders faux horsetail reeds sold by the square foot. All artificial plants are sold un-potted unless otherwise noted.

To discuss your project and begin a custom order of outdoor artificial reed beds, please call toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.