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Outdoor Artificial Spiral Topiaries

Outdoor Artificial Spiral Topiaries as a maintenance free alternative to live plants with our collection of artificial spiral bushes. Utilizing durable outdoor-rated materials, our outdoor spiral topiary bush is designed to showcase an authentic appearance in all kinds of diverse climates. Complete with UV protection fabricated into each fake spiral topiary, they resist fading in sunlight to uphold their fresh green facade.

  • Maintenance-free topiary plants and trees
  • Inherently protected from UV rays for daily exterior use
  • Feature natural branches and trunks
  • Can be ordered with or without planters

Placed in pairs alongside garden benches or intermittently as walking path markers, a fake spiral topiary bush is an inviting enhancement to any landscape design. With a range of popular styles. Choose the variety best suited to your plans from a range of popular styles such as Ming Aralia or Juniper. All Artificial Plants Unlimited fake spiral topiaries are sold un-potted and made to order. Customer service can assist in choosing complimentary potting from our vast collection. Call us today for further information for styles, sizes, planters, and shipment times.

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6' Ming Aralia Artificial Spiral Topiary - Outdoor
6' Podocarpus Spiral Topiary - Outdoor
6' Juniper Artificial Spiral Topiary - Outdoor
6' Polycaise Spiral Topiary - Outdoor
6'H Pond Cypress Spiral Topiary - Outdoor
8'H Pond Cypress Spiral Topiary - Outdoor
10'H Pond Cypress Spiral Topiary - Outdoor

Stunning Outdoor Artificial Spiral Topiaries

The charm of traditional European gardening meets the convenience of a maintenance free product in our collection of Outdoor Artificial Spiral Topiaries from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Authentic looking greenery winds skyward in each of our artificial spiral bushes, available in popular Ming Aralia and Juniper styles that achieve a structurally interesting silhouette. The resulting sculptural feel enhances landscape designs with the same visual allure as that of a live outdoor spiral topiary bush, just minus the maintenance and resource costs associated with living plants.

Built with top-of-the-line outdoor rated materials, our collection of fake spiral topiary bushes is infused with UV protection during the manufacturing process. This practice makes adding topical protective sprays unnecessary, and avoids the blotchy appearance that often results. With built-in resistance to the sun's damaging rays, our outdoor spiral topiaries come ready to withstand harsh elements while maintaining their beautiful structure and lush, green look.

Enjoy Stunning Outdoor Artificial Spiral Topiary Landscaping

For projects in need of plants for practical design applications such as defining an entry or driveway, an artificial spiral bush is a regal-looking feature for defining space. The sculptural feel of a spiral topiary bush also lends itself well to more creative applications such as showcasing focal points around distinctive exterior architecture. Whatever its role within your design plans, an artificial outdoor spiral topiary will add sophisticated charm reminiscent of its historical European use.

While each of Artificial Plants Unlimited spiral topiaries is sold and shipped un-potted, we offer a wide variety of complementary planters for separate purchase. Enhance the "old world" appeal of spiral topiary bushes with one of our traditional fiberglass urns. Or for a more contemporary flair, consider our Victorian-inspired modern planter. For more suggestions, please check out individual product descriptions or speak with one of our skilled designers to discuss options best suited to your design scheme.

Customization Experts Available

Artificial Plants Unlimited's fake spiral topiary bushes are a made-to-order product. As such, they are assembled upon order and purchase. For verification of manufacturing and shipping times, please contact one of our customization experts for additional information on styles, sizes, and planters to match. Call today: 888-320-0626