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Outdoor Artificial Succulents and Cactus

Capture a desert vibe with artificial cactus and succulents from Planters Unlimited. Each outdoor faux cactus plant and succulent we offer is modeled after the striking silhouettes of plants found in the North American desert and temperate regions.

Choose from replicas of popular and iconic cactus breeds like the beavertail, saguaro and columnar models of cacti. Our succulent imitations include choices like the aloe plant, agave trees, yucca plants and trees, and star succulents.

These UV-protected, outdoor investments require no water and their climate requirements are non-existent. Place lifelike and durable succulents and cacti in any environment for lasting desert appeal.

Questions About Artificial Desert Plants? Call: 888-320-0626 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Trade discounts and custom sizes available

8in. Burgundy Echeveria, Outdoor
8in. Green Echeveria, Outdoor
21in. Liriope Bush, Outdoor Rated
36in. Duraleaf Unpotted Green Agave Plant, Outdoor
36in. Duraleaf Unpotted Yellow/Green Agave Plant, Outdoor
18in. Yucca Bush - Outdoor
5' Artificial Yucca Tree, Outdoor Rated
53in. Outdoor Rated Artificial Bronze Yucca Tree
16" Artificial Outdoor Rated Agave
28.5in. Artificial Outdoor Rated Agave
4' Artificial Outdoor Rated Agave Tree
48in. Duraleaf Giant Green Agave, Outdoor
39in. Duraleaf Agave Macroacantha, Outdoor
24in. Duraleaf Agave Macroacantha, Outdoor
26in. Yucca Plant - Outdoor Rated
28in. Liriope, Outdoor Rated
5' Liriope Tree with Natural Trunks, Outdoor Rated
Artificial Guzmania Bromeliad - Outdoor Rated

Our cactus and succulent arrangements make a piece of the desert possible no matter the environment. This lifelike collection is a collection of superior quality faux plants rated for outdoor commercial applications.

The varieties within this product line are made from durable and authentic looking plastic materials and include thoughtful details like soft-touch trunks. Shoppers will immediately notice iconic choices like the saguaro cactus with its tall, narrow body and segmented, stretching arms. Browse our online categories to see the range of synthetic products available.

We offer a range of replicas modeled after popular live botanical breeds, including saguaro, flocked finger and columnar cacti. Alternatively, for smaller scale outdoor options, maybe to line deck railings or put in a windowsill, there are quainter options like the round melon cactus or a beavertail variety.

Browse lifelike imitations of popular live species such as yucca trees and plants, agave trees, jade plants, aloe, zamia, aeonium and star succulents. Choose from simple green varieties, or more elaborate flowering plants like the Variegated Aechmea. Each will look striking potted on its own or included in your personal unique arrangement.

Large-scale landscape designers may find large faux displays to be a welcome alternative in tough climates for live plant growth. Whether trying to achieve a southwestern vibe in a northern climate, or even giving an indoor pool deck some arid charm, artificial succulents and cacti are lovely, naturalistic and maintenance free.

All of our quality products are sold and shipped un-potted. However, we do offer a comprehensive selection of commercial grade containers to house everything from large bouquets to a single flowering succulent pick. Planters are available for separate purchase.