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Outdoor Bamboo Forests Sold by the Square Foot | Artificial Bamboo Trees

Make entrances, atriums and courtyards pop with tropical greenery by adding Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Forests. Commercial settings demand perfect plants and aesthetics - something impossible with real plants unless you're willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money on maintenance and water bills. Go faux - fake bamboo is non-invasive, saving valuable time and money.
Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Features:

  • Natural cane construction
  • Handcrafted in-house
  • Choice of soil or rock toppers
  • Full customization - imagine the possibilities!
  • Realistic artificial leaves

Outdoor bamboo forests are sold by the square foot, guaranteeing a solution to your landscaping needs. Available in any shape, style, color and design desired, bamboo by Artificial Plants Unlimited is a premium choice for premier spaces.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

4'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Outdoor
6'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Outdoor
8'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Outdoor

Bounteous Outdoor Bamboo Forests

For a non-invasive alternative solution that doesn't require watering or any maintenance, choose Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Forests to complete your design needs. Outdoor artificial bamboo plants have been saving companies money year after year for some time now. They deliver significant savings to landscape gardens with an additional exotic look while saving money in the process. Perfect for courtyards and blank building space, our handcrafted custom fake bamboo looks so lifelike you'll think it's the real thing. Yet, unlike the real thing, you never have to cut back or chop down our bamboo forests.

They have an attractive price too. Our bamboo for sale on line is sold by the square foot, with a ratio of 1 forest or grove stand equaling 1 square foot. And as faux plants go, these bamboo groves provide long-term savings since there's essentially no maintenance required, eliminating using precious resources and staff time as well. Just think, no watering to do or watering expense to contend with.

The Proof is in the Construction

Made from natural cane construction that is handcrafted by our local artisans, ordering is as easy as measuring the exact amount of space you need to cover and place your order. Once in it's in the system, one of our design experts will contact you to offer additional choices we have available. Notables include exact shape, size and color, and choice of soil toppers or black rock. And full customization is also possible, designed to meet your exact specifications. We can even stagger stalk heights making your bamboo grove as realistic as it would appear in nature.

Along with the maintenance-free benefit of fake outdoor bamboo, our artificial plants are UV protected, holding their rich, green color for years to come, even under harsh sunlight or inclement weather conditions. What's more, although our bamboo forests are designed for rugged outdoor weather, they can be equally beautiful and effectively durable when placed in interior atriums and building entrances that receive a lot of sunlight and exposed to UV rays.

Give our design specialists a call today and see what the possibilities are for your next project.