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Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Living Wall

Now you can plant walls outdoors minus the live planting demands with a stunning artificial living wall. This modern design revolution is taking the industry by storm. Where a project calls for something fresh, green and cost-efficient, an outdoor boxwood wall achieves just the right balance of aesthetics and practicality. And with a virtually maintenance-free ease, these displays are truly a thing of beauty.

Each artificial living wall is woven onto a sturdy iron frame using UV resistant silk plants. Arrangements are outdoor rated for lasting use and even the grid is powder coated for rust resistance. To hang plant walls outdoors choose flush or 1" standoff mounts with your order. The lushness of densely woven foliage is lovely for a penthouse terrace, patio dining at a restaurant, or to accent pool cabanas at a high-end resort. And each outdoor boxwood wall will remain beautiful without increasing cost for landscape maintenance.

Trade discounts and custom sizes available

Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 48in.L x 24in.H
Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 48in.L x 48in.H
Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 96in.L x 48in.H
Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 48in.L x 36in.H
Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 72in.L x 36in.H
Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 72in.L x 48in.H
Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 72in.L x 60in.H
Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 96in.L x 60in.H
Boxwood Artificial Outdoor Living Wall 96in.L x 72in.H
40in. X 40in. Duraleaf Boxwood Wall Mat, Outdoor
12in. X 12in. Artificial Boxwood Mat - Outdoor
12in. X 12in. Artificial English Ivy Mat - Outdoor Rated

Go green effortlessly with an artificial living wall for exteriors. Here, we've taken the outdoor boxwood wall covering and turned it into a faux work of art. Each stem, leaf and ridge is molded in lifelike poly-blend materials that have UV protection built in for lasting displays. And it's all structured on a rust resistant frame for superior product longevity.

Using plant walls outdoors is a great way to dress up the areas where people gather, like courtyards, pool decks, al fresco dining areas and walkout terraces. The faux alternative is an extension of this idea but with an eye on low-maintenance functionality. Display a fake vertical garden wall in place of the real thing and enjoy an energizing accent that needs no soil, water or pruning. And for clients and property managers, the absence of live plant care is dually attractive - both visually and in terms of budgeting.

Fake vertical garden walls are a luxurious option for high-end residential and commercial design. Project managers, architects and designers looking to satisfy client requirements for pieces that are at once beautiful, functional and cost efficient, will find they can check off all three desires in one artificial living wall.

Outdoor boxwood walls have all the charm of this plant in nature, drawing on its attractive structure and dimension. The species is a favorite for hedges, topiary and green walls because of its dense foliage and rich green color, and we've made sure each fake vertical garden wall captures these qualities authentically. Additionally, inherent UV resistance helps fake boxwood to maintain its color longer, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

For a reliable and sturdy mount, plant walls are hand assembled on a grid of powder coated iron. This robust frame is rust resistant, structured and available to order with 1" standoff or flush mounts. Outdoor boxwood is woven onto the grid at an exceptional density that fully hides the metal framing and gives installations a realistic looking texture. Custom sizes are available by request.