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All-season favorites include our outdoor thermometers, outdoor wall clocks and outdoor combination clock thermometers, adding another dimension to your outdoor decor.

We searched out 25 distinctive designs in generous sizes, each perfect to grace the wall of your choice, continuing our tradition of being your complete source for outdoor curb appeal accessories. Use our outdoor thermometers, wall clocks and clock thermometers purely for their graceful designs in celestials, plants and even paisley, or express your passions, such as golf, dogs, fishing or wildlife.

As always, durability is a top priority, and all of our outdoor wall clocks and thermometers are made from an aluminum base to guarantee years of enjoyment. With our quality paints, you will find the perfect finish, too, whether an antique look in metals such as brass and bronze or earthy terra cotta, lovely white or tawny stone. Many faces feature two distinct tones, and all have a rich etched bas relief finish that truly adds distinction to your home.

Welcome to our collection of outdoor thermometers, outdoor wall clocks and combination clock thermometers, selected with you in mind!

14 1/2" Fossil Sumac Thermometer Clock
14 1/2"Fossil Celestial Thermometer Clock
Pinecone Thermometer Clock
Solstice Thermometer Clock
Pineapple Thermometer Clock
14" Buck Thermometer Clock
14" Bass Thermometer Clock
14" Labrador Thermometer Clock
12" French Bronze Sunface Clock
12" French Bronze Moon Thermometer
12" Ivy Silhouette Thermometer
12" Ivy Silhouette Clock
12" Rose Clock
Price: $59.85
12" Rose Thermometer
14" Paisley Clock
Price: $79.00
12" Times & Seasons Clock
12" Seasons Thermometer
12" Golfer Clock
Price: $59.85
12" Golfer Thermometer
Fruit & Bird Combo
Price: $64.00
Cardinal Clock & Thermometer Combo
Grapevine Clock & Thermometer Combo
Acanthus Clock & Thermometer Combo
Outdoor thermometers and outdoor wall clocks continue our tradition of bringing customers an extraordinary choice of products to enhance curb appeal and accent other outdoor pieces. Besides being artistic and attractive, they're useful and fun.

Our outdoor wall clocks and outdoor thermometers are designed for distinction in 25 different styles and finishes, all offering the rust-free durability of aluminum as a base.

Choose an outside thermometer or wall clock, or the doubled treat of a combined clock thermometer. You'll find varied and satisfying styles in all three, whether outdoor thermometers, wall clocks or combined clock thermometers. Our collection includes a visual feast of stunning abstracts such as celestial and solstice " the antique brass astrolabe outdoor thermometer graces this page above " to more familiar images including sun, moon, golf, dog, fish and deer motifs. Compliment your window boxes or other containers with a variety of plant themes in outdoor wall clocks, thermometers or combination clock thermometers " ivy, rose, pinecone, grapevine and pineapple are among customer favorites.

Finishes add still more fun and flair " choose from antiqued bronze and brass to terra cotta in outdoor thermometers and wall clocks. A stunning stone finish and combination of eye-catching design elements makes our Fossil celestial outdoor clock thermometer one favorite. The stone finish is especially lovely against brick or other mid-tone naturals. Our round outdoor clocks, thermometers and clock thermometers feature generous 12- to 14-inch faces, while rectangular choices fit beautifully near a door at eight by almost 14 inches.