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Complete Outdoor Fire Bowls & Fire Bowls with Water Features

Get the backyard fire feature of your dreams with our complete outdoor fire pits. Designed for residential homes, commercial, and hospitality spaces, these attractive propane and gas fire pits and bowls are made from stunning and durable real copper which is sure to bring an upscale gleam to your patio, deck, or garden. Whether you want convenient outdoor heating or just a unique decorative element, these fire pit bowls are sure to impress.

Our copper outdoor fire bowls come with everything you need, including a gas burner with your choice of liquid propane or natural gas insert, eliminating the need for firewood. Our copper product line employs the star-shaped Penta burner, one of the highest quality burners on the market. It creates a full campfire effect while using less gas than traditional ring burners. Match light or electronic ignition are available for all.

Choose from a variety of modern styles, all with 24" gas flex line. We offer this copper selection in round and square shapes, each with an optional matching lid. Or, use fire bowls with water features to create a breathtaking display of cascading water into a pool or pond.

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Miragio Round Copper Complete Fire Bowl - Match Light
Miragio Round Copper Complete Fire Bowl - Electronic Ignition
Miragio Round Copper Complete Fire Bowl with Water Feature
Sorrento Square Complete Fire Bowl - Match Light
Sorrento Square Complete Fire Bowl - Electronic Ignition
Sorrento Square Complete Fire Bowl with Water Feature
Saxony Hammered Complete Fire Bowl - Match Light
Saxony Hammered Complete Fire Bowl - Electronic Ignition
Saxony Hammered Complete Fire Bowl with Water Feature - Electronic Ignition
Tesoro Hammered Copper Complete Fire Bowl - Match Light
Tesoro Hammered Copper Complete Fire Bowl - Electronic Ignition
Tesoro Hammered Copper Complete Fire Bowl with Water Feature
Miragio Fire Bowl Lid
Price: $499.99
Sorrento Fire Bowl Lid
Saxony Fire Bowl Lid
Price: $899.99
Tesoro Fire Bowl Lid
Price: $899.99

The Complete Fire Pit Package

No more worrying about building your own complex outdoor fire projects from scratch, trying to find the most modern finish and deciding on the proper heating element for your application. With these premium copper fire bowls you can enjoy everything you need to create an eye-catching fire focal point in your outdoor space in one complete package. Installation is easy and operation is a breeze, just follow the included instructions. Each copper fire pit package includes:

  • Attractive copper container in three modern styles
  • Convenient flame control technology
  • Gas insert for either natural gas or propane
  • Mounting hardware
  • 24" gas flex line

Convenient Electronic Ignition

With these preassembled outdoor fire bowls you can have a beautiful fire feature anywhere on your property. Enjoy outdoor heating on your deck or patio, by the pool, along a garden path, or out in a secluded wooded spot. These products offer the ultimate in flexibility because they are available in three ignition types:

  • Simple and traditional match light
  • Battery-powered push button start
  • Electronic ignition powered by a 120V or 24V AC outlet

With clean-burning gas-fueled fires you won’t ever have to worry about collecting splintery firewood, cleaning up messy ash, inhaling smoke, or getting that "campfire" smell on your clothes. These gas-powered options are a convenient and attractive alternative on the old-fashioned methods. And, featuring the ultimate in modern technology, the electronic models can even be started using an included remote control.

Star-Power Penta Burners

All of our copper fire bowls feature the advanced Penta burner. This patented burner is designed in a star shape that affords you a stunningly natural and full "campfire" effect that trumps those old-fashioned ring burners. You get the same height flames while using less fuel, saving you tons of money in the long run. Made from stainless steel, these sophisticated burners feature a raised hub to prevent water entering the valve and a special Spider Guard to keep insects from clogging the valve. They also have a low profile design that requires less lava rock or fire glass to hide the burner. Each Penta burner comes with a 5-year warranty.

Combine the Beauty of Fire and Water

With these copper fire bowls we offer an elegant modern look that goes well with any type of outdoor décor or façade. Made from real copper they will last for many seasons in the outdoors without showing signs of wear and tear. Copper accents offer a timeless beauty that never goes out of style. Each of our three models has a matching optional lid for a more "finished" look when not in use. If you want to take your fire feature to the next level be sure to check out our Fire Bowls with Water Features. These bowls include a fountain attachment that sends a waterfall of sparkling water down into a pool or pond for an enchanting display.