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UV Protected English Ivy Frames

Add some pizazz to your business with UV protected outdoor artificial ivy frames. Perfect for anything from menu boards for your sidewalk cafe to flat screen TVs in a sports bar, and numerous venues in between. They are available with or without a PVC sign blank. And the high quality artificial English ivy frames are built to endure besides impress. Hand built on a powder coated steel grid, outdoor artificial ivy frames are durable and don’t require any maintenance. Plus, due to their dense application, they resist rust and moisture wear. Just wipe with a damp cloth or light spray to clean periodic debris.

These UV Protected English Ivy Frames are ideal as attractive sign holders in front of shopping malls, coffee shops, retail establishments, organic food shops and much more. They even dress up medical buildings such as hospitals and dental offices by adding lifelike greenery. Available in three standard sizes, they are also fully customizable, including 3-D, all without losing their color due to their UV protection.

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English Ivy Frame UV Protected 38inL x 25inH w/ 26inL x 13inH Opening
English Ivy Frame UV Protected 60inL x 42inH w/ 36inL x 18inH Opening
English Ivy Frame UV Protected, 70inL x 47inH w/ 46inL x 23inH Opening

UV Protected Outdoor Artificial Ivy Frames Won't Lose Their Color

If your establishment needs a bit of sprucing up, going green is the way to go. And the perfect way to accomplish this is with outdoor artificial ivy frames. Ideal for posting announcements outside of public buildings, using as signage to identify your store, even direct foot traffic; It seems there is no limit to all the things you can do using UV Protected English Ivy Frames.

Exceptional Quality, Design and Durability - All Maintenance-Free!

Known for our exceptional quality, the UV coating protects the frame's vibrant green color for many years. Plus, since our plush artificial English ivy is densely attached to the rugged powder coated iron frame, the frame itself is rust and moisture resistant due to its thickness. This feature combined with the slightly varied and bold green foliage leaf structure keep your outdoor artificial ivy frame looking as fresh as the day you first put it up. What's more, each ivy frame is easy to clean. Simply wipe leaves with a damp cloth or mist with a light spray to remove periodic environmental debris.

Our artificial ivy frames are perfect when you want to add some green space to your otherwise colorless exterior walls. Yet because of the lifelike silky leaf structure, these beauties eliminate the upkeep and expense that live foliage requires. There's no watering to be done, no trimming, and staff maintenance costs are eliminated because of it. What's more, using UV protected artificial English ivy frames, your business can reduce its carbon footprint in the process by using fewer natural resources.

Looking for Inspiration?

Post frames anywhere to liven up outside walls, provide information to passers' by, or use as a creative message board. Ideal outside shopping malls, libraries, fraternities and sororities, and much more. Available in three standard sizes, we also provide customization. In fact, building to your exact specification down to the quarter inch is one of our special services we love to provide. No job is too large or small. Just give us a call to discuss custom options for your next project.