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Adding tasteful exterior lamp posts to your front yard increases curb appeal and the safety of your home. On top of that, our Lexington & Sinclair Lamp Posts are easy to install. Each decorative lamp post is comprised of a sturdy aluminum pole that is fastened with cement and covered with a maintenance free polyethylene shell. This system for exterior lamp posts ensures durable, attractive foundations for your residential outdoor lighting.

Each decorative lamp post in this category is sold as a post only with no lamp included. Our Sinclair and Lexington Lamp Posts are both classic styles, available in a choice of black or white finish. Either product will easily accompany a range of residential outdoor lighting styles.

For more information on Lexington and Sinclair Lamp Posts simply click on the individual product icons below. For questions on exterior lamp posts from Hooks and Lattice, please call us toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

Lexington Lamp Post with Aluminum Ground Mount- White
Lexington Lamp Post with Aluminum Ground Mount- Black
Sinclair Lamp Post with Aluminum Ground Mount- White
Sinclair Lamp Post with Aluminum Ground Mount- Black

A decorative lamp post easily boosts curb appeal in your landscape while helping to found a residential outdoor lighting system for added safety at home. Starting with the right exterior lamp posts, you can simultaneously beautify while alleviating your residential perimeter from the cover of dark.

Our exterior lamp posts come in two alluring styles: the Lexington and Sinclair. Each design is inspired by traditional residential outdoor lighting styles, but is constructed using contemporary materials. Beginning with a durable foundation, each decorative lamp post is secured into the ground with a heavy-duty aluminum pole fastened by cement. From there, our Sinclair or Lexington Polyethylene Lamp Posts effortlessly slip over the metal post. Polyethylene is a virtually maintenance free product and performs impeccably in a range of exterior applications.

Each decorative lamp post is offered in a choice of black or white giving our customers versatility depending on their landscaping plans. This product is sold as a post only with no lamp included, but residential outdoor lighting fixtures to match will not be hard to find. The classic sophistication of these exterior lamp posts paired with their smart construction makes them an easy blend with a range of popular lamp styles.

Use a decorative lamp post as an accent in the garden, or place them in pairs at the end of a driveway. For a larger scale residential outdoor lighting system, start with a row of exterior lamp posts to line driveways, sidewalks, or strategically placed along your property line. Both you and the neighbors will appreciate lighting posts used as both a decorative accent and a safety measure.

In the garden, our Sinclair and Lexington Lamp Posts can also double as a surface for mounting hanging baskets with decorative brackets. Use a two-arm bracket to mount a hanging basket on each side, or insert a birdfeeder and other decorative pieces. Shed a warm glow on your plants and flowers at night, and also create a pleasing embellishment during the day. Lovely exterior lamp posts are an essential beginning to functional, stylish residential outdoor lighting design.

For questions on products, online ordering and shipping, Hooks and Lattice is available toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.