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Star Anise 48x24 Decorative Screen - 80% Moderate Privacy

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48"H x 24"W

Get Exactly What You Want

You told your decorator you want outdoor patio screens that are modern in design but strict on function; you want as much blockage as possible without completely losing all light. You also want to garden screens to be functional, in case you decide to incorporate flowers or plants in the future. Finally, you said you wanted the walls to be environmentally friendly in both their creation and use. If your decorator said (or implied) that you were crazy for wanting all those things, congratulations, we are your kind of crazy. Our panels and screen are everything you want and more. Just tell us what you want and we will help you make it happen. We're that good.

Customization Makes the World Go Round

You can craft screens that meet your aesthetic desires. For example, this Star Anise design is an modern geometric pattern with straight lines, but it still creates a classically elegant display. Our screens are made from sustainable wood products so they keep your environmental footprint in check. And you can install and enjoy it raw,unfinished - in its natural state - or you can paint it to better match your exterior décor. The panels can also be used as space divders, café barriers, or be framed and become part of an overall display.

How to Use Is Up to You

These Star Anise garden screens not only provide privacy, they make a statement about a space. That statement is whatever you want it to be. You can combine the screens with plants and flowers and create a warm and welcoming space, or you can keep it simple and providing yourself with a serene space for quiet reflection and meditation. Can't decide? Create a combination of the two. Commercially, the outdoor patio screens are ideal for open air cafeterias or restaurants. There is no wrong way to claim your space and our agents will be happy to assist you in achieving your goal. Give us a call to request more information or for help choosing the right style for your space: 1-800-896-0978

48"H x 24"W
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