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11in. Durante Tall Flower Pot - 2 Colors

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11"Dia. x 19"H
Base: 7.5" Dia.

Outdoor Planters - Tall and Tasteful

Don't just plant a flower, make an artistic statement! Adding live, colorful potted plants to your living space is a great way to dress up the décor, but if you are going to make the effort why not go the whole nine yards? These decorative large flower pots for outdoors and indoors bring an automatic feel of rustic elegance to your space that you won't find with those boring old terra-cotta pots and outdated urns. These outdoor planters - tall and slim in silhouette - are sure to catch eyes, even though they have a subtle natural finish. With a wide rim and lightly marbled design, they beautifully complete the picture with your garden creations.

  • 11" diameter x 19" tall planter
  • Includes water-minder insert
  • For indoor or outdoor use.

A Natural Self-Watering System

The water-minder disc is a simple feature added to this tall planter that makes a world of difference. This smart self-watering feature allows plants to drink up from below via the roots rather than constantly needing a shower from above. This natural approach helps your plants to grow stronger and more prolific. It also helps to ease some of your gardening tasks. If you place your Durante planter outdoors in an exposed space remove the lower plug to allow excess water to drain freely, avoiding overwatering. For indoor applications, keep the plug in place to ensure that your plants will have a constant water source. Simply add more water when the soil feels dry (poke your finger down about 1" into the dirt).

Large Flower Pots for Outdoors

The Durante flower pot has an extra deep shape and wide rim that allows for easy plant care and prolific root systems. Use these planters out on your deck or balcony to create a welcoming scene. They will safely beautify your space year-round because they are made from a composite of stone and resin. This construction makes them remarkably lightweight while also exceptionally sturdy. They can withstand freezing temperatures without cracking or shattering and moist climates without warping or rotting. They are also inherently UV-resistant to withstand fading.

11"Dia. x 19"H
Base: 7.5" Dia.