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Arbol 48x24 Decorative Screen - 60% Light-Ambient

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48"H x 24"W

Large Impact Small Footprint

If spending time outdoors appeals to you but you would prefer to have more privacy than you currently have, these 48" x 24" privacy screens could be the solution to your problem. An outdoor privacy screen can be used to create intimate spaces or add an element of seclusion to a patio or deck. Our backyard screens are made from sustainable hardwood which means the material used to make these attractive panels is specially harvested and replaced in regulated forests. This decreases your environmental footprint while still allowing you to enjoy a natural product made from natural materials. The combination of being environmentally-friendly and visually attractive means your screens will be a welcome addition to your outdoor décor.

The Arbol: 60% Light Ambiance for Minimal Privacy

Large or small, you can use panels modularly to create a screen that best matches your needs. The Arbol backyard screens feature 60% light-ambiance, perfect for people who are looking to add privacy without closing off your space or blocking too much light. Its open, airy feel makes this particular design ideal for use as visual partitioning outside or indoors, as decorative wall coverings, or as suspended ceiling accents.

Combine the screens with climbing plants or ivy, adding greenery to your space and even more privacy, if desired. The screens are easy to paint or can be used in their natural state, and you can also cut panels to the size and shape that you need. The screens' patterns resemble waves such as rippling water or stone shapes which adds a relaxing effect to the screen and an overall soothing effect to the room or space where it is installed.

Use Screens How You Want and Where You Want

There is no wrong place to put a partition or a wrong way to use one. Use it to add an extra wall to your patio or deck, or create a smaller, more secluded space for intimate moments. Use one or combine several to create the outdoor space that best suits your needs. However you choose to use the screens, they will enhance your outdoor living experience. Buy online or call to request more information: 1-800-896-0978

48"H x 24"W
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