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Ashville Tapered Square Planters

Give plantscapes versatility like never before with attractive and lightweight fiberglass outdoor planters. When it comes to commercial design, combined durability and visual appeal are a must. And no material addresses these requirements quite like fiberglass. The Ashville Tapered Square Planters are:

  • Free of mildew and rot
  • Crack and split resistant in any climate
  • Not clunky like concrete or cast stone
  • Limitless in custom possibilities

Adding lightweight planters to commercial plazas, restaurant patios and resort grounds opens up a world of botanical potential. Pot brightly colored flowers and variegated greens in fiberglass outdoor planters for an instant boost to any space. Or, delineate seated and pedestrian areas with small trees and shrubs. Tapered square planters are available in more than 20 colors and 4 finish types at no additional cost and also come in an array of upgraded options. Have an idea or size requirement not featured online?

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Ashville Tapered Square Planter 18in.L x 18in.W x 18in.H
Ashville Tapered Square Planter 18in.L x 18in.W x 24in.H
Ashville Tapered Square Planter 24in.L x 24in.W x 24in.H
Ashville Tapered Square Planter 24in.L x 24in.W x 30in.H
Ashville Tapered Square Planter 30in.L x 30in.W x 30in.H
Ashville Tapered Square Planter 30in.L x 30in.W x 42in.H
Ashville Tapered Square Planter 36in.L x 36in.W x 36in.H
Ashville Tapered Square Planter 42in.L x 42in.W x 42in.H
Ashville Tapered Square Planter 48in.L x 48in.W x 48in.H

Tired of the design limitations and cumbersome weight of materials like cast stone, concrete and wood? Then it's time to put fiberglass indoor and outdoor planters on the commercial project checklist.

Seeing is Believing

Talk about a tapered square planter that's breaking the mold! The Ashville Commercial Garden Containers singlehandedly debunk the theory that heavier is better. In fact, these lightweight planters stand up even better than clunky concrete or stone in many conditions, including a lower susceptibility to cracks and splits caused by temperature changes. They're also mildew and rot free in any climate.

And about that seeing part - even after manufacturing fiberglass outdoor planters in our impressive array of finishes, we're often times surprised by just how versatile the material is. Heavy duty planter boxes can be made to look like virtually any other popular commercial material out there - from copper to clay.

Light Weight, Heavy Duty

Each tapered square planter featured here is a commercial-grade product rated for heavy duty exterior applications. This means hefty planting loads, tough environments, areas with high foot traffic, and the like. Not to mention, fiberglass is also an attractive and functional indoor option. Simply opt for sealed containers and add self-watering reservoirs to easily irrigate live plants. Or call toll free to ask about our custom faux plant arrangements through our partner site Artificial Plants Unlimited.

Quality Craftsmanship

Just like woodworking or masonry, to produce these paneled and tapered square planters is a skill-laden job. At Planters Unlimited, we're proud to pay the highest level of attention to detail and finishes, resulting in a product that wows our customers as well as our customers' customers.

What's your plantscape design vision? Whatever the premise, we want to hear all about it - no matter the project scale. Our clients have been shocked to discover all that fiberglass can do, from genuine metal finishes, to incorporating business logos, to custom rolling casters for oversized containers. Give us a call to begin customizing a fiberglass planter design today.