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Devondale Oval Planters

The outline of bowl planters can make a lovely detail on porches, patios and landscapes, and the Devondale Oval Planters capitalize on that idea. Available in low or tall silhouettes, these resin planters are rotationally molded to feature interesting curvature for an artistic feel. So much so, that these striking oval planters will have you tapping their walls in order to believe your eyes.

Each of the lightweight anti-shock resin planters in this attractive Devondale style are crafted to look like painted pottery. They play the part well, with visible grooving on outward container walls and a thick top lip that is rolled deep for a substantial feel. In addition to visual appeal, these bowl planters are also fitted with pre-drilled holes for drainage and resist fading from the sun, or cracking from extreme temperatures or moisture. With this combination of smart design and aesthetic allure, the Devondale Oval Planters make their mark as residential containers that are hard to pass up.

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Devondale 24" Oval Planter
Price: $99.85
Available in 4 Colors
Devondale 30" Oval Planter
Price: $154.85
Available in 4 Colors
More and more, resin planters are taking over where ceramic or concrete containers used to be. Given this trend, the availability of striking bowl planters that mimic handcrafted pottery in appearance - but not in cost or delicateness - is a win-win for home gardeners, landscapers and architects. Enter the Devondale Oval Planters, brought to you online at Hooks & Lattice.

These rotationally molded, anti-shock resin planters are capable outdoor containers that also manage to be lightweight. Available as low bowl planters or in taller measurements as oval planters, each size is durable and artfully designed. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the Devondale is the visible grooving on its outward walls. This detail from its rotation molded construction makes the container more closely resemble painted pottery than what it truly is: a cost efficient alternative that is resistant to fading from the sun, or cracking from climate exposure.

For elegance down to the last detail, these bowl planters are offered in a black or antique bronze finish. On black containers coloration is consistent throughout, from the sturdy base up to the deeply rolled lip of these containers. With antique bronze, the color profile has a little more variation to give the feeling of slight wear and patina. Whether it's a sleek, modern look or a worn-in, rustic appeal you're going for, oval and bowl planters are a brilliant silhouette to incorporate throughout landscapes, decks and patios.

Another perk to the Devondale Oval Planter is that it looks heavy, but is actually made with an ultra resistant lightweight resin. This material holds up impeccably in exterior applications, and oval planters are also fitted with drainage holes that are pre-drilled for gardening convenience. Appropriate drainage means a healthy garden, and resin planters are also a natural when it comes to handling moisture and fluctuating temperatures. If listing all the potential problems with wood, clay or concrete containers like rotting, warping, cracking or fading, knowing that resin planters eliminate these concerns seems like an even more welcome alternative.

The Devondale Oval Planters are available to order online in sizes pictured above. For other resin planters, please visit our comprehensive "Fiberglass & Resin Planters" category. Your toll free product inquiries are welcome at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).