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Paneled Redwood Window Box Planter

This redwood window box is one of our favorite wooden flower boxes because of the material's warm presence on home exteriors. In addition to its charming look, this wood window box is decay resistant, making it an optimal choice for outdoor use. Homeowners and designers are also happy to know that each Paneled Redwood Window Box comes from the responsible harvest of hardwood in California.

Wooden flower boxes made from redwood are noted for their natural weather resistance and resulting durability. Each wood window box is an outdoor-rated planting container that features a paneled design outlined by top and bottom molding detail. Metal studs at each corner add a fine finishing touch, and paint or stain is easily applied to color match. For effective planting, this Redwood Window Box is fitted with pre-drilled drainage holes, and measures 8" wide x 8" high with varying lengths available.

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24in. Paneled Redwood Window Box
36in. Paneled Redwood Window Box
48in. Paneled Redwood Window Box
When it comes to wooden flower boxes with memorable warmth, a Redwood Window Box from Hooks & Lattice is undeniably charismatic. Each wood window box pictured above features a sophisticated side panel design with top and bottom molding and metal studs affixed to front-facing corners. Another notable characteristic is that our Paneled Redwood Window Box is finished on all four sides, making it a viable option to place on deck railings, front steps, or atop an outdoor table.

A wood window box is both architecturally interesting and a practical container for plants and flowers. The straight, long grain of a Redwood Window Box makes a natural feeling home for a range of garden favorites, from bright perennial blooms to fresh grasses and green vines. On top of these wooden flower boxes' organic beauty, redwood is also a dynamic canvas for painting and staining to match any existing palette.

Whether displaying the Paneled Redwood Window Box in its natural wood grain tone, or coloring to your preference, these wooden flower boxes come ready for superior outdoor performance. In the traditional wood window box application below sills, this container creates a timeless exterior accent that easily evolves to meet changing tastes. Simply swap plants in or out to create new looks and take advantage of the seasons. To ensure plants don't outgrow containers, watch annuals and perennials with expanding roots and repot as necessary to prevent splitting.

Although a Redwood Window Box is naturally resilient to outdoor wear and tear, to preserve any type of wood window box even longer, treating with a waterproof agent or adding plastic liners are popular, cost-effective solutions. Wooden flower boxes are the most classic choice when it comes to outdoor containers, but a variety of wood alternatives are also available like Cellular PVC. This material actually mimics a wood window box in appearance, but has the durability and weather resistance of a composite that is less susceptible to moisture-related damage.

A Redwood Window Box from Hooks & Lattice is also available in other styles suited to traditional or contemporary home architecture. Browse online at your convenience, and call toll free for questions on any of our products: 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).