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Estancia Square Planter

Patio planter boxes don't get any better than Estancia Square Planters. With the freedom and beauty of resin that looks like stone, these patio planter boxes adds double-wall construction to hold moisture. Add exquisite detailing to their flawless finish in three weathered colors, here in concrete, and Estancia Square Planters will win all hearts. Pre-drilled for drainage, these container planters are guaranteed against sun/UV fade and cracking for 10 years. Their generous size, just under 20" across and deep, is a perfect home for plants and flowers. Sculpted top and bottom rims provide excellent stability and further accent the classic side detail, three-layered edging around a square softened by curved inset corners. These patio planter boxes will keep the eye happy while plants are small as well as in full glory. Using the principal of thirds - either the planter as a third of the total height, or two-thirds of the height, you have a huge array of plant choices, and wind stability in any climate. About 17 quarts of potting soil add nice weight. Water plants before heavy winds for maximum stability.

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Estancia 24" Square Planter
Estancia 36" Square Planter
"The search for square patio planter boxes is likely to end with Estancia Square Planters. Enjoy the look of real weathered stone without all the bother of clearing outdoor planters for the winter. So many plants offer winter interest now that it's a shame not to enjoy that fourth season. These container planters are a great home for seasonal evergreens, now offered in an ever-increasing number of dwarf choices for planters. Branches or other shapes can be added for winter interest, too. Purchased or created simple branches in white, silver or gold create a stunning winter silhouette and accent. Intersperse them with holiday balls for a fascinating display, or pine cones and other naturals for lovely seasonal tones. Candy canes make a festive, inexpensive winter addition.

Estancia Square planters look great with any classic fašade. Classic isn't always old. Clean, spare lines make homes from every period classic, yet the detail on these square planters makes them work almost anywhere, including with what some might call fussy Victorian lines. They have a special affinity for bungalows, too. Your choice of three weathered color tones - terra cotta, gray stone and cement - give maximum color mixing choices, with the planter box adding quiet distinction to your entire plantscape, accenting but never interfering.

Don't overlook features like the double wall for additional moisture retention as well as stability. The well-designed rolled rim provides yet another stability feature, as does 17 quarts of potting soil. Instantly add wind resistance by watering, and you're unlikely to discover tipped pots, even in deck and other open areas. If you do get tips, most plants survive surprisingly well. Trim off broken branches and you'll be back to full, lovely displays in no time.

So what to plant? Using the square container as two-thirds or one-third of your height will be especially pleasing. It also works very well with the chiller, filler, spiller design that makes any planter a star. With the star power of the Estancia Square planter itself, you may want to cascade your spillers over corners to let the side design stand out, or use open fillers like lacy green maidenhair fern, gray-toned licorice plant or Wire Vine Muehlenbeckia. Verbena and other delicate flowers trail especially well, too. While homestead purple will never go out of style, this versatile performer now comes in red, peach and white as well."