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Bricks 48x24 Decorative Screen - 60% Light-Ambient

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48"H x 24"W

Outside But Private

For many, a patio is a great place to relax and unwind at home, or enjoy little downtime at work. However, this space isn't always the most private and that can pose a challenge. But with our patio privacy screens, your privacy problems are solved. By creating outdoor privacy walls, you can enjoy your time outdoors while enjoying some of the privacy of being inside. Made from sustainable hardwood that is cultivated in Australia, the screens are sturdy and can designed to have a calm and soothing pattern. Whether you enjoy the waves and curves of smooth stones or rippling water, or the precise look of sleek, straight lines, we have a screen that will suit your needs.

60% Blockout, 40% Filtered Light, 100% Easy.

Patio privacy screens can be customized to suit your exact needs. Whether you need a particular size or want a certain pattern, your request most likely can be accommodated. Each panel is cut to 48" x 24" and can be modularly installed on bare walls, fencing, or used with posts to create a freestanding partition. Framing and installation is a breeze and the screen can be painted any color, or if you prefer, it can retain its natural wood state (will age over time to a silvery-grey). The Bricks Decorative Screens feature 60% blockage and are designed to block sunlight and to keep people from peering into the other side. Use one screen to break up a larger space or provide some privacy, or combine several and create an outdoor living space with as much privacy as a room indoors.

Get Creative

Whether you're making a smaller space even more intimate, or dividing up a larger space at work into smaller, more palatable sections we are here to work with you. Your screens already offer privacy, but add a plant such as ivy or another climbing vine and your beauty and privacy score will go through the invisible roof. Want to create a place guests can use to change clothes before jumping in the pool or hottub? Use several screens and create a mini pool house. However you arrange the screens you will make a space that will serve a purpose while adding to the overall décor.Buy outdoor privacy walls online or call to work with a design expert: 1-800-896-0978

48"H x 24"W
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