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42" x 84" Rectangular Bordeaux Grande Table

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Top: 42"W x 84"L
Base: 22"W x 58"L x 27.5"H

Border: Dark Travertine
Band: Dark Brown Marble
Field: Porcelain Planks
Grout: Hemp

Showcasing a traditional design concept, the Bordeaux Grande travertine and porcelain table is rectangular in shape and each stone top ships complete with the table base shown, visually enhancing the tile and providing support to the 84" slab. The long, slatted planks of porcelain are similar to the color of wood, and are laid in the center of the top. Hemp grout can be seen between the dark brown marble band and dark travertine border surrounding the planks. A type of limestone, today's travertine is formed in alkaline waters that have been geothermally heated. We source all of our travertine with utmost care and quality standards to bring you a real travertine tile table that is made to last. This attractive outdoor dining table measures 84" long x 42" wide and is best used in medium-sized to expansive outdoor areas. Complement the warm coloring of the tabletop with bright florals or verdant greenery as a centerpiece.

The handcrafted nature of the Bordeaux Grande allows us to make any desired adjustments to the design, empowering our customers to personalize this artisanal outdoor table to suit any space, or to match existing decor. All Ancient Mosaic marble and travertine slab tabletops are coated with our extraordinary stone-enhancing sealer for remarkable resistance to precipitation, marring, and staining. This safeguards the travertine and marble, while reducing the time spent caring for the natural stone in the elements. To extend the life of your stone dining table, Hooks and Lattice advocates resealing the tabletop every 6-12 months (call to place an order for stone-protecting and -enhancing sealer or add a note on your online order before finalizing your purchase at checkout).

Buy upscale patio dining tables online, or call toll-free to request changes to this product, including: tile color, grout color, size, shape, umbrella hole, or to request it made as a fire pit table: 1-800-896-0978

Top: 42"W x 84"L
Base: 22"W x 58"L x 27.5"H