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Linhaven Urn

Where a resin planter meets the old-world charm of decorative outdoor urns, you find the Linhaven Urn Planter - available to purchase online via Hooks & Lattice. This design features a square pedestal that temporarily tapers before widening out to a rounded basin, joined at the top by a thick rolled square top lip. Measuring 22.2"x 22.2" at its opening, and 13.75" x 14" at its base, these elegant outdoor urns have a pleasing vertical appeal as the container elegantly heightens and widens.

As a resin planter constructed utilizing a rotational molding procedure and anti-shock materials, this decorative urn planter is not only attractive but also highly durable. Designed for exterior use, these outdoor urns will last for multiple seasons without requiring any routine maintenance. Also, the material is lightweight to allow for easy adjustment throughout a landscape. The Linhaven Urn Planter comes in a choice of Rust or Caviar Black finishes. Containers are sold with pre-drilled drainage holes.

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Linhaven Urn - Caviar Black
Linhaven Urn - Mocha
Price: $345.85
This decorative resin planter is derived from the tradition of outdoor urns, often used strictly for ornamentation. However, the Linhaven Urn Planter is much more than just a pretty face. As a durable resin planter made from anti-shock materials that are rotationally molded, it is a functional container for growing a range of plants and flowers. With considerable size for planting and a sturdy footprint, the Linhaven is a brilliant addition to architectural landscapes.

Available in four finishes, a Linhaven Urn Planter is easy to match with existing color schemes to complement home architecture. Choose outdoor urns with a warm, cool or neutral tone from hues including Caviar Black and Rust. Each finish accentuates the structure of the container from its prominent pedestal all the way up through the vertical grooving detail on each side of the planting basin. From traditional to modern aesthetics, the Linhaven Urn Planter in the right finish is undeniably charismatic.

An urn planter suits a range of homes and applications. Use outdoor urns in pairs to delineate an entryway or garden gate, or place in front of tall columns that otherwise look like dead space. Although the Linhaven looks heavy, as a resin planter it is actually remarkably lightweight. Resin materials are often replacing heavy, expensive and high maintenance materials in contemporary landscaping, resulting in carefree accents with greater longevity. Thanks to the sophistication of rotational molding processes, a durable resin planter that captures the personality of a decorative urn is now possible.

These outdoor urns come pre-drilled with drainage holes, so your online purchase is of a container ready to be planted. Each Linhaven Urn Planter measures 13.75" x 14" at its base and widens out to 22.2"x 22.2" at the opening. The top lip is deep rolled to give the container an elegant finish and with a height of 28.25" the Linhaven has a substantial vertical presence that makes a great canvas for a range of plants and flowers.

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