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Push Button Rectangular H Burner Insert

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Long-Lasting Gas Fire Pit Burner Insert

Don't get left out in the cold by cutting corners on your gas fire pit burner insert when building your outdoor fire pit. This is an investment that will last a lifetime, bringing you many years of all-season decorative and functional pleasure. The most important component of any fire feature is the burner system, without it you just have a cold piece of lawn furniture. Invest in a burner that is as reliable as it is easy to install with our H-shaped fire pit ring burner insert. With the heating element, fuel, and ignition system pre-assembled all in one you can have a blazing fire in no time. One that will keep your toasty warm for years to come.

H-Shaped Burner for A Stunning Flame

This push button burner insert has a special H-shaped design that creates a double row of fire, much more interesting to behold than a single line. It is available in your choice of sizes, up to 54" long. Create a truly stunning fire table where guests can gather in cozy warmth! This rectangular unit has a raised hub to prevent water entering and damaging the valve. It also has weep holes for drainage on those rainy days, and bolted gas fitting for extra strength. All of our burners include a special Spider Guard which helps to keep out spiders that are drawn to the gas and can quickly clog your valve.

Battery-Powered Push Button Ignition

Use a remote control or the discreet control panel on your fire pit to start, control, and stop your fire at the push of a button. With this ignition system all you do is start the pilot light and after about 20 seconds start the main burner for a blazing fire. Thanks to the blow-out box you can rest assured that the gas will stop flowing if the flame is accidentally lost. This product is available in your choice of natural gas or liquid propane.

Detailed Dimensions for Push Button Burner Inserts

24"L x 12"W
30"L x 12"W
36"L x 14"W
42"L x 14"W
54"L x 16"W