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Push Button FLAT Round Penta Burner

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Reliable and Convenient Ignition

Perfectly coordinate your exterior design scheme by building your own custom made fire pit. From shape to finish you get to choose the complete look that goes best with your façade and your tastes. But make sure you don't forget the most important part of any fire feature: the fire itself! Without a reliable ignition system a fire pit is just a pit. Make sure the focal point of your fire display stays ablaze for many years to come with one of our reliable and convenient propane or natural gas inserts. Coming to you pre-assembled and easy to install, these battery-powered burners will ensure that you have a warm, crackling fire to light up the night any time you need it.

Penta Propane Fire Pit Burner

With a round pan, this stainless steel Penta burner is perfect for classic round or unique octagonal fire pits. Although the base is round the burner itself is actually fashioned in a pentagram shape. This innovative design creates a well-rounded campfire look, more natural than traditional ring burners. It requires less fuel to create flames the same size as well. These Penta burners have a raised hub to prevent water getting into the gas valve. They are crafted with a flat design that is intended for fire pit enclosures that have recessed mounts and internal sidewalls.

Battery-Powered Natural Gas Fire Pit Insert

With the push button ignition system you won't have to worry about running electrical wires, allowing you more freedom to place your fire accent wherever you like. These inserts are started simply by pushing a button to start the flow of gas then pressing the ignition for a spark that creates a blazing fire. Each battery-powered insert comes with a remote control for easy starting from a distance. Control flame height and shut-off as well.

Detailed Dimensions for Push Button Burner Inserts

18" Round Insert | Burner: 12"
24" Round Insert | Burner: 18"
30" Round Insert | Burner: 24"
36" Round Insert | Burner: 30"