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Match Light Round Penta Burner

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Simple Match Light Fire Pits

When you just want to light a match and not an entire stack of firewood, gas burner fire pits are the way to go. They are a convenient and low-cost alternative to electronic or battery-powered ignition, allowing you to keep things simple while still enjoying the clean-burning ease of natural gas or propane. We provide these starfire Penta burners and ignition kits all in one so that you can build the outdoor fire feature that you've always dreamed of. And since there are no wires needed, you can build your match light fire pit anywhere you choose. How about a cozy campfire in the middle of the woods?

The Penta Burner vs. Fire Ring Burners

If you're looking to build an outdoor fire pit that will last a lifetime then the Penta burner is the last burner you will ever need. This star-shaped stainless steel burner excels over old-fashioned ring burners in many ways. With its patented pentagram design, it creates a more natural, full flame that gives you that real campfire feel. You can't get that kind of effect with a round ring burner! The Penta burner also uses less fuel to create the same size flame as a ring burner, saving you tons on fuel costs in the long run.

Advantage of Starfire- Penta Burners

Work with major star power! These innovative burners are ideal if you are building a round or octagonal fire pit with a lipped pan for easy installation. Choose from three different sizes. The low profile design of this star burner means that you can use less fire glass or lava stones to fill it, creating that dazzling reflective effect on low cost. These match light units also include a raised hub to prevent water damage, a Spider Guard to keep insects out of the valve, a valve mounting bracket, and key to adjust the flame.

Detailed Dimensions for Match Light Burner Inserts

19" Round Pan | Burner: 12"
25" Round Pan | Burner: 18"
31" Round Pan | Burner: 24"

All measure 2.5"H and feature a 1.3"W lip.