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Match Light FLAT Round Penta Burner

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The Best Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners

Whether you choose a gas fuel or traditional wood, a round or rectangle shell, stone or tile finish, the most important element of your fire pit is going to be the flame. What is a fire feature without a stunningly picturesque fire? Just a piece of outdoor furniture. Make your DIY patio or yard fire pit one that you can truly be proud of, one that is as functional as it is attractive. Add a Penta burner insert and rest assured that you will get a gorgeous and dependable flame every time. These stainless steel units are sure to garner your custom-made fire pit the attention it deserves.

The Star of the Burner World

When it comes to the world of gas burners, these pentagram-shaped options really are the star. In both quality and design they outrival those old-fashioned ring alternatives. The most striking feature of this stainless steel burner is its ability to showcase a breathtakingly "realistic" campfire-like blaze, more full and less uniform than traditional fire rings. And this product is able to create flames the same height and quality while using less gas than the traditional round burner. Penta burners have extra protective features that make them safer and longer lasting. A raised hub ensures that water won't get into your gas valves while a special Spider Guard fitting ensures that insects won't clog it up.

Penta Burners with Match Lighting

The flat round Penta burner is designed for use with fire pits that have enclosures with recessed mounts and built-in sidewalls (we also offer it in the standard design for traditional-type fire pits). This low-profile burner requires less decorative fire glass or lava rock and is available in four universal sizes. Using either propane or natural gas, these inserts are ignited by match light, the most simple and low-cost fire starting method. Each includes a valve mounting bracket and key to control the height of the flame.

Detailed Dimensions for Match Light Burner Inserts

14" Round Insert | Burner: 12"
18" Round Insert | Burner: 12"
24" Round Insert | Burner: 18"
30" Round Insert | Burner: 24"