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Small Garden Weathervanes

A small weathervane is a half-sized version of our standard garden weathervanes. An ideal size for sheds, gazebos or a small garage, miniature weathervanes are also popular in the yard or garden mounted atop a pole, or on a deck amidst window boxes and other planters. Beautiful and whimsical designs include depictions of nature and hobbies, like a beautiful hummingbird, a spry rooster, or a regal sailboat.

Each of our garden weathervanes featured below can be ordered with one of three mounting options. First, a small weathervane can be configured for mounting on a self-standing, precision-machined pole for easy display in the garden or yard. Miniature weathervanes can also be affixed via a roof-mounted bracket or on a deck mount clamp. Whichever type of mount desired, each of these three options is available at the price displayed.

Miniature weathervanes are made from 100% pure copper with solid brass and copper components, so you can rest assured they will never rust and are maintenance free!

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Small Rooster Weathervane
Small Landing Duck Weathervane
Small Hummingbird Weathervane
Small Retriever Weathervane
Small Angel Weathervane
Small Whimsical Pig Weathervane
Small Lighthouse Weathervane
Small American Flag Weathervane
Small Eagle Weathervane
Small Bass & Lure Weathervane
Small Martini Weathervane
Miniature weathervanes offer a smaller option for display on a roof, deck or in the garden. At about half the size of our garden weathervanes in standard sizes, each makes a wonderful decorative piece with a feeling of quaint charm. Mount a small weathervane amidst flowerbeds, at the highest pitch of your rooftop, or along a deck railing. At any height and in any setting, these decorative devices add tons of character.

Each small weathervane featured above includes a full-bodied copper figure, copper spacer balls and solid brass directional. Pieces are applied to a steel rod that can either be given a roof mount, yard or garden pole, or a deck bracket. Options for small garden weathervanes are viewable by clicking on individual products. Drop-down menus enable customers to make their custom choices online.

Miniature weathervanes are diverse in design and include themes and hobbies of the natural world. Farm and animal depictions are also abundant, with pigs, horses, dogs and various birds all making an appearance. Each small weathervane has a solid copper figurine at its peak, with some featuring the traditional pointer and others without. All have the directional compass incorporated to display the points of north, south, east and west.

Like our standard sizes, a small weathervane can also be ordered in a choice of two finishes: polished or antiqued. The nature of copper and brass components lends itself well to either finish, so the choice really depends on individual preference. Garden weathervanes with a more careworn finish look right at home on rural properties and in settings with a rustic aesthetic. A polished look adds that noticeable sheen that makes the weathervane look slightly more ornate.

All of the small garden weathervanes we feature are based on the classic barometric instrument, although these are primarily a decorative device. Going beyond the traditional roof mount, Hooks and Lattice is also giving our customers the choice between deck brackets and pole mount applications. Miniature weathervanes are a fun accent in the garden, out in the front yard, along a deck rail, or posted into flowerbeds that surround your back patio. Wherever they go, lovely character is sure to follow.