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Wrought iron window boxes and metal flower boxes have the ability to dramatically change the appearance of your home and add instant curb appeal. At Hooks and Lattice we offer a number of styles to suit your individual needs and preferences. As you browse our large selection you will see how they can be used alone, with pots, with coir liners, with fiberglass liners, with copper liners, with plastic or polypropylene liners, etc.

With so many beautiful combinations, it is no wonder that metal window boxes have been such a timeless option. We carry the widest selection of iron window boxes in the standard sizes we offer; however, we do not limit your selection there. If you prefer, we can easily and economically custom size your planter to the length that exactly matches your project.

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Arch Window Box Cage
8 Sizes | 2 Cage Colors
Arch Cage with Liner
8 Sizes | 2 Cage Colors | Multiple Liners
European Window Box Cage
European Cage with Liner
8 Sizes | Multiple Liners
Garden Gate Window Box Cages
Falling Water Window Box Cages
Contemporary Window Box Cages
Simple Elegance Window Box Cages
Del Mar Decora Window Boxes with PVC Liner
6 Standard Window Box Sizes
Arch Decora Window Boxes with PVC Liner
6 Standard Window Box Sizes
Venetian Decora Window Boxes with PVC Liner
Santiago Decora Window Boxes w/  Plastic PVC Liners
Medallion Decora Window Boxes With Plastic PVC Liners
Universal Scroll Flower Box Holder Pair
Wayfarer Window Box Cage With Liner
7 Sizes | Multiple Liners
Rustic & Antique Window Boxes / Wall Planters

FAQ: What's the difference between a Window Box Cage and Window Box Planter? 

Answer: Window Box Planters have the design on all four sides and can be mounted to a flat surface such as a home, fence or wall or mounted on top of a wall where all four sides will be seen.  Window Box Cages are designed to be mounted to a flat surface, therefore there is no design on the mounting side.  Also, Window Box Cages are design to hold our white liners and Window Box Planters are not. 

At Hooks and Lattice we have numerous categories of metal window boxes. One popular style is our window box cage. The European Cage and the Arch Cage are two options that can be used in combination with our fiberglass liner or can be combined with flowerpots of your choosing (up to 8" in diameter). Two similarly sized options are our Lattice and French window boxes. Both of these styles are designed to be used with flowerpots up to 8" in diameter.

Another option, slightly smaller in height, is our Decora series of