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Wall Planters, Flower Pot Holders and Plant Sconces

Wall Planters, Flower Pot Holders and Plant Sconces are desirable decorative additions by both interior designers, as well as flower lovers. Indoor wall planters not only add color and uniqueness to empty wall space, they also provide a lovely home with brimming blooms, blossoms and springtime greenery. Some individuals even fill plant wall sconce with fragrant potpourri or artificial flowers (the interior glaze prevents water from seeping through). Whether you select a ceramic wall planter or choose from our metal wall planters' collection, adding charm and elegance to your home or business is quick, easy and inexpensive.

We also carry an extensive collection of flower pot holders to complement any indoor wall planter sconce. With numerous styles, shapes and sizes to choose from, every room in the house can be graced by a unique design. Select from wrought iron pot holder cages, flower pot holders with removable liners or moss wall baskets, with most being versatile for either indoors or use outdoors.

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Rustic Wall Planter and Address Sign
Half Moon Wall Planter Baskets
Faux Rust Iron Wall Bracket With Faux Copper Pot
Brown Taupe Iron Wall Planter With Removable Liner
Oversized Iron Two Section Wall Planter With Removable Liner
14in. x 20in. Black Urn Wall Sconce and Planter
8in. Del Mar Decora Flower Pot Holder
8in. Venetian Decora Flower Pot Holder
Scroll Monogrammed Wall Planter
Tuscan Dragonfly Wall Planter Hurricane
Bronze Colored Iron Wall Planter With Removable Liner
19.5in. Eloquence Tall Wall Planter
14.5in. Eloquence Wall Planter
Naples Window Box Planter
15.5in. Naples Wall Planter
18in. Windsor Woodlands Moss Wall Basket
22in. Windsor Woodlands Moss Wall Basket
26in. Windsor Woodlands Moss Wall Basket
Brookhaven Wall Planter
Set of 3 Orleans Half Oval Wall Planters
Primrose Wall Planter (coffee cup)
Portola Large Wall Planter
Portola Medium Wall Planter
Parc Place Wall Planter
Pemberley Wall Planter
Palacio Wall Wall Planter
Palomas Wall Planter
Price: $109.85
Pavillion Wall Planter
Providence Wall Planter
Parkcrest Wall Planter
24in. Living Wall Planter
14in. Living Wall Planter
6in. Living Wall Planter
Narrow Wooden Wall Planters - 3 Sizes

Dress Up Walls With Style

Two distinctive material sources comprise these exclusive plant wall sconces and metal wall planters: ceramic and metals. Each category represents a unique styling of indoor wall planters, although most can also be mounted outside. The ceramic wall planter series reflects a sophisticated creamy off-white bisque finish. If preferred, they also can be painted with a quality acrylic or latex paint application when desiring a custom color to match your decor. Because of the attractive design variety, the ceramic indoor wall planter sconce you choose will reflect your own sense of style.

Sporting a wide variety of delicate yet alluring shapes, all of our plant sconces come ready to mount in your home or business. Fill with soil and plant your favorite flowering plants, or plant variegated vines for a green look. If preferred, decorate your walls with artificial foliage, or even fill with floral or pine scented potpourri. Some designers and homeowners love the sophisticated look of simplicity with the sconce serving as a work of art all by itself. The entire ceramic collection ranges from traditional designs to the sleek lined contemporary avant-garde, so it's easy to find what's right for you.

Live Wired by Design

Metal wall planters are made with a variety of materials, styles, and finishes with many featuring a removable inner lining. When clicking on an individual product you can discover exact dimensions, finish options such as powder black, light brown, dark brown, white or antique bronze and if inserts are available. Custom colors are also available. From the rustic simplicity of the Eloquence or Naples wall planters to the intricate scroll work of our metal wall baskets, choices abound.

We also carry several sizes of the coco and moss baskets if you are looking for an earthy motif for a sun porch or breezeway area. And for something truly distinctive in wall planters, check out our metal wall art pieces and hurrican holders. No matter which style or design you select, you can be assured you home or business will convey your unique personality and sense of style.

Ceramic Wall Planters with Matching Light Fixtures

Want a cohesive look and feel throughout your residence? Simply choose your favorite ceramic planter, then pop over to our Ceramic Lighting» section to shop matching fixtures. These are exact design matches, but are offered in many colors, and can be manufactured with custom cut outs, INC or CFL hardware. Ceramic planters and lights dress up walls, add soft illumination to hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and dens - plus, when you add wall fixtures designed by Fabby Lighting, you can be sure you'll have people asking where you got them!