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36in. All-In-One Column Planter Kit

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Uniquely designed, and classically inspired, these planters are a winning combination of form and function, suitable for most any front yard gardening aspirations you may have this spring. The planters are in a regal column shape that adds a sense of elegance to your home, while the coconut coir liners are designed for optimum plant health and a natural appeal.

Each column planter is constructed from durable cedar wood. Real cedar is naturally resistant to issues other wood species are prone to. For instance, it succumbs to weather damage much more slowly, and is less likely to rot or warp, even when used in wet conditions. It's also a natural insect repellant, which helps to keep your plants and your home safer from unwanted pests.

The coconut coir liners are another winning touch, as they're made to promote the health and vitality of your plants. They're naturally able to retain more water, so moisture drains away from roots less quickly, allowing them to soak up every bit of nourishment before the water is gone. This allows lets your water less frequently. However, coconut coir also keeps the water from sitting too long, which prevents root rot and other issues related to heavy rain or overwatering.

Each of these planters is designed with elegance in mind, providing a striking display piece where your flowers can bloom all season long.

Basket: 14"Dia. x 7"H
Column: 36"H

Installation Instructions:

  1. Drive the spike into the ground, using a piece of wood so hammer does not strike metal directly.
  2. Insert wooden column into top of spike and secure with wood screws (included).
  3. Place 9in. steel disk on top and secure with wood screws (included).
  4. Place any of the four Basic Basket Planters, filled with plants, onto the disk so that center locator pin fits into center hole of basket bottom.
  5. Rotate basket clockwise until disk grips wires.
  6. You can turn the basket every week or so to achieve even growth. Just rotate counter-clockwise until the back is at the front, then turn clockwise to lock again. Or you can lift off the basket and replace it with another freshly planted basket at any time.