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Textured Bronze Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters

Invigorate container garden creativity with Textured Bronze Metal Window Boxes - available in 8 standard sizes! Although originally designed as planter box liners, these styles also enjoy wide use on their own along windows, walls and railings. Each galvanized metal garden box is built sturdy and powder coated bronze. The resulting product is not only beautiful, but safeguarded against fading, rusting and decomposition.

For use as inserts handcrafted planter box liners fit seamlessly into our wrought iron and aluminum metal window boxes. Simply match up the sizes, pot plants, then slip bronze inserts in for stunning displays. Easy to remove and replace as needed.

To use metal garden boxes on their own simply purchase 9" planter supports and install. For railings, walls and window frames, a shelf bracket to support the full weight of the container works best.

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24in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
30in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
36in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
42in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
48in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
54in. Metal WindowBox Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
60in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish
72in. Metal Window Box Liner, Textured Bronze Finish

Make your next metal garden box a knockout with our Textured Bronze Planters. As heavy-duty galvanized metal widow boxes, these containers shine in outdoor applications. At the same time, gorgeous finishing ensures each planter adds loads of character to your home exterior.

Affordable Luxury

The truth is planter box liners get put through the ringer. Heavy soil loads, constant moisture, harsh sunlight, fluctuating temperatures - need we say more? Even so, there's no reason container gardeners should have to sacrifice beauty for utility. Our galvanized metal window box designs build on this idea of harmonious form and function. Here's how:

It starts with materials. Without a sturdy base, no planter box or liner can succeed. That's why we use high-grade galvanized metal as the foundation for outdoor results.

Fine finishes seal the deal. Gardeners love the look of bronze - of course, what's not to like? It's somehow rugged and refined all at once, with striking dimension expressed in all its tawny striations. Our textured bronze finish replicates this beloved tone in an authentic way. And it does so in a rust-, weather- and corrosion-resistant format ideal for lasting exterior use.

Finally, consider the affordable nature of powder coated galvanized metal. This is the true payoff for container gardeners who dream of bronze planter box liners but are still conscious of budget.

Display Metal Window Boxes Your Way

Galvanized containers are designed to work in two ways:

As a standalone metal garden box it comes ready for mounting along outdoor walls, window frames, fencing and railings. For best results, just be sure to purchase a bracket type that supports the full weight of the box.

As planter box liners these beauties dazzle inside any of the wrought iron or aluminum flower planter cages found here. Metal inserts come pre-drilled with holes for ready drainage. Also, you can pot them directly without any added lining.

Need something special like a custom size, self-watering reservoir or otherwise? Give us a call to ask about non-standard products and supplemental accessories.