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Laguna Square Planter Box

Hand crafted from solid wall Cellular PVC, the Laguna style square planter box is designed to complement our most popular window box, The Laguna. Each planter box is hand made by a dedicated craftsman using large sheets of a revolutionary product called Cellular PVC. This material is as dense as Pine, yet it will not rot, crack or discolor and, unlike wood, insects virtually ignore a Cellular PVC planter box. Each planter box and accompanying trim is carefully cut, nailed and epoxy applied to embody the originality of a handmade box with the durability of PVC.

White planter boxes created from PVC come in a bright, but not shiny, finish. While lovely in white, each rot-proof planter box also accepts paint very well. PVC is a durable and stable material for a planter box that will not chip, peel, flake or discolor. No need to use a liner with our PVC planter box - the soil can be poured right inside! Also, planter boxes made from PVC are resilient in all climates, eliminating the need for planter box storage in winter. Laguna Square planter boxes and window boxes refresh the look and feel of any outdoor living or entry space.

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18in. Laguna Premier Deck Planter 18in. W x 18in. H
24in. Laguna Premier Deck Planter - 18in. W x 24in. H

Hooks and Lattice specializes in making planter boxes out of high grade Cellular PVC material. The Laguna Square Planter Box is no exception. The body and trim on each planter box is fabricated with durable PVC which is also applied to the top and bottom, making this a stably constructed, rot-proof planter box.

Choosing a planter box made from PVC not only means you get the look and feel of premium lumber with virtually no maintenance - the many advantages of planter boxes created out of PVC include, but are not limited to, the following: Cellular PVC resists moisture, insects and will not rot or decay. The Laguna Square Planter Box is easy to clean and it stays looking like new, even in the toughest types of weather. Unlike wood, a PVC planter box will last without the need for refurbishing, repainting and replacement of rotted out planks.

Another benefit of a planter box created out of PVC is that no liner is needed. Soil can be inserted right into the planter box and filled with vibrant flowers and plants right away. Picture sophisticated topiary bushes to complement the clean aesthetic of a Laguna rot-proof planter box, or go for a wilder twist with the addition of a cascading vine or flowering plant.

The Laguna Planter Box, with its elegant presence, is an ideal choice for a patio, sunroom, front porch or driveway. Each PVC planter box comes in a clean white finish that is vibrant but not shiny. The PVC material is easily paintable for a bolder colored container. Left in their natural white, this rot-proof planter box lets plants and flowers speak for themselves while providing a simple, yet sophisticated containment in which they can grow and thrive.

Whatever application you choose for your PVC planter box, the Laguna freshens exterior or interior spaces. When buying designer planters constructed from Cellular PVC, you are certainly getting a durable product that will stand up to nasty climates, but you also get a planter with finishes refined enough to place in up-close spots, outside or inside.

At Hooks and Lattice, our convenient online categories of PVC Planter Boxes will showcase various styles and sizes. For questions on products you see on our website, or to discuss project needs that cannot be met by one of our stock sizes, please contact us directly by calling 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.