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Plant Caddies, Planter Stands and Planter Trellises

Accessorize indoor and outdoor planters with stylish and functional garden products! Every garden has unique challenges and needs - allow us to supply you with the finest solutions for beautiful container gardens. Hooks and Lattice brings you a vast collection of:

  • Indoor and outdoor plant stands and shelves
  • Garden and planter trellises
  • Rolling plant caddies

Add height to your garden using metal plant stands that boost planters and allow for optimal drainage and aeration. Use a rolling plant trolley to painlessly move large outdoor planters from place to place on decks and patios. Be sure to shop our planter trellises that are the perfect fit for containers. Line balconies with privacy trellises or use to dress up blank walls or hide unsightly views.

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Bird and Bell Trellis
Ash Leaf Trellis
Price: $76.85
Large Leaf Trellis
Price: $119.85
64in. Cone Yard Art Trellis
French Arch Trellis
Price: $155.85
Contemporary Square Trellis
Eden's Garden Trellis
Price: $295.85
Hourglass Arch Trellis
Adrianna Trellis
Price: $154.85
Garden Ivy Trellis
Price: $250.85
36in. Horn of Plenty Yard Art Planter Trellis w/ Stand
36in. Globe Yard Art Planter Trellis w/ Stand
36in. Basket Yard Art Planter Trellis w/ Stand
Garden Trellis
Price: $110.85
36"L x 18"W x 18"H Composite Main Street Planter with PVC Trellis
40"W x 50"H Horizontal Lattice Trellis on a 40"W x 18"W x 18"H Flat Panel Planter
12'W x 90"H Custom Trellises with 3 48"L x 18"W x 18"H Planters
12'W x 90"H Custom Trellises with 3 48"L x 18"W x 18"H Planters
48"W x 90"H Sausalito Trellis with 48"L x 18"W x 18"H Cape Cod Planter
Standard Scroll Stand 36"L x 9"H
Standard Scroll Stand 48"L x 9"H
Tall 36"L x 18"H Scroll Stand
Tall 48"L x 18"H Scroll Stand
Arch Window Box Stand
Amelia Square Rolling Plant Stand
Amelia Round Rolling Plant Stand
Large Amelia Round Rolling Plant Stand
Victoria Square Rolling Plant Stand
Victoria Round Rolling Plant Stand
14in. Rolling Plant Stand Caddy - Petal
14in. Rolling Plant Stand Caddy - Orbit
14in. Rolling Plant Stand Caddy - Lattice

Yard-Beautifying Outdoor Plant Stands and Trellises

With yard accessories to beautify your yard, you can create an exceptional landscape with some simple additions. From outdoor plant stands to a rolling plant caddy to decorative garden trellises, it's easy to add charm and distinction to an otherwise predictable garden space. And with the diversity of products we carry to help address problem areas, your garden can be the envy of the neighborhood. For example, if you've always wanted to have plants or flowers in containers but you have a 'wet' landscape due to a high water table, add metal plant stands to raise planters or window boxes off the ground. In another instance, if you have shifts in sunlight and shade that is disproportionate, pick up a plant dolly. It will allow you to easily move heavy plants from one location to another to maximize sun exposure. Our rolling dolly for plants lets you garden effectively by redistributing flowers and foliage when needed, as well as redesigning your landscape for special occasions.

From Plant Shelves to Privacy Trellises

Some homes, condominiums and apartments with decks require privacy. What better way to provide it than with privacy trellises that create a visual barrier with growing floral vines to whatever thickness you require. We carry many options to buy your trellis, from a planter with trellis that is a continuous work of art to a smaller flower pot trellis that can be added to any planter you already may have in your yard. The best rule of thumb to buy a trellis is to determine if you want an all-in-one trellis planter or to be able to move your separate trellis to a different planter depending on seasonal plantings. Some homeowners like to purchase indoor plant stands to place in front of sliding glass doors for winter growth as a barrier to prying eyes. During warm weather's more extensive sun season, they then move plants and place a planter outside with a trellis to limit sun exposure on carpeting and furniture. You can have the best of both gardening strategies that are easy to move by simple redistribution. And with a plant trolley, planter stands and a separate planter trellis, this makes changes such as these easy to accomplish.