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Prestige Patio Planter

The Prestige Collection of vinyl planters features a beautiful New England design that adds a charming touch to any patio or deck. Prestige Patio Planters have the look of wood, but are actually molded plastic planters that free gardeners from container upkeep. Made from high-grade polyethylene, these self-watering planters for patio use are also the perfect complement to our Prestige Window Box line-up.

The Prestige Vinyl Planters provide long-lasting beauty, durability and quality. A built-in reservoir also makes them self-watering planters that encourage healthy plant growth and lower maintenance gardening by allowing plants to virtually water themselves. Molded plastic planters are a laidback finish to your front porch, back patio or deck area and the distinctive Prestige Patio Planters boast a 15-year limited warranty. Choose from three attractive finishes: clay, black or white.

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Prestige 20x20 Patio Planter - Black
Prestige 20x20 Patio Planter - Clay
Prestige 20x20 Patio Planter - White
Prestige 20x36 Patio Planter - Black
Prestige 20x36 Patio Planter - Clay
Prestige 20x36 Patio Planter - White
Prestige 28x28 Patio Planter - Black
Prestige 28x28 Patio Planter - Sandstone
Prestige 28x28 Patio Planter - Espresso
Prestige 28x28 Patio Planter - White
Combine attractive vinyl planters with efficient self-watering planters, and you get the Prestige collection of planters for patio, deck and other outdoor residential use. As high-grade plastic planters made from molded polyethylene, the Prestige Patio Planter is not only durable enough for exterior use but it also has the visual appeal of painted wood. However, as a wood alternative, molded plastic planters fend off damage that usually comes with outdoor use like the tendency to rot, split, warp, crack or twist.

Impermeable to both moisture and insects, vinyl planters are a top wood alternative for good reason. When it comes to planters for patio and other outdoor use year-round, polyethylene plastic planters such as these are unparalleled in performance and longevity. On top of their material superiority, the Prestige designs are also self-watering planters that hold onto a plant's liquid sustenance in a self-contained reservoir. This sub-irrigation watering system cultivates healthy roots and, therefore, nourishes plant growth.

Available in square or rectangular measurements, the Prestige Patio Planter is also offered in a choice of three colors: black, white or clay. Each of these molded plastic planters is fashioned with elegant panels and molded edges both at the top and bottom. With a charming New England-inspired design, these planters give a feeling of warm distinction. For particular product dimensions to suit your deck, patio or garden, click on individual Prestige Planter sizes to find detailed measurements and information on gallon capacity for planting.

In addition to style, choosing self-watering planters is a smart decision for gardeners on the go. If you can't or don't want to water every day, self-watering planters make a nice, low-maintenance home for needy root structures that need a constant supply of water. Self-irrigating reservoirs can also help during dry spells and excessively hot summer months where regular watering is essential.

For a complete container gardening system, our Prestige Planters for patio and deck applications are also a design match for our Prestige Window Box collection. Beautify your windowsills and hardtop spaces simultaneously with low-maintenance and lovely molded plastic planters, available online from Hooks & Lattice.

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