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At Planters Unlimited, we can create a planter with wheels from many of our commercial containers. Pictured here are fiberglass planters on casters in a variety of different sizes for exterior applications. Rolling, movable planters on wheels are perfect for creating flexible, changeable spaces for restaurant patios, concert venues, retail store displays, flex office spaces and more.

Using heavy duty, outdoor-rated casters, a planter with wheels appropriately sized for the container and your project is born. Many of our clients are landscape and commercial designers and architects looking for durable containers that provide an added perk of mobility. Planters on casters suit this function without sacrificing visual attractiveness. Let us help to achieve the vision of a smart, moveable planter box that will effortlessly charm and glide throughout a commercial landscape.

Custom planters on wheels are designed and quoted on a per project basis. Pricing will vary per the size, style and planter box material.

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Modern Rolling Fiberglass Planter on Casters
Modern Cast Stone Planters with Forklift Knockouts
Planters on casters create flexible container gardening for a range of commercial spaces. In a building atrium, on a restaurant patio, or scattered throughout a resort pool deck, a planter with wheels is a mobile container that easily evolves with a space. Whether seasonal storage is a concern, or planters on wheels would help in a convention center where meeting spaces often need rearranging, the addition of casters to planter boxes is a smart move for versatile use.

At Planters Unlimited, we work with our clients to create custom planters on wheels in various designs. Those pictured above are fiberglass planters on casters that are derived from designs featured on our website. As an online supplier and manufacturer of various commercial planters, the creation of planter boxes with wheels is a simple next step we help out clients to take for ultimate versatility.

Beginning with the right planter box, our clients choose from a range of materials and designs laid out for heavy-duty commercial applications. To create a planter with wheels, simply choose a desired style and call us toll free to work with a knowledgeable member of our team. Design and price quoting can all be done over the phone, and if a requested planter box on casters is achievable, we will supply it at a competitive price.

To make moveable planters, heavy-duty casters are attached to the container base. Casters are outdoor-rated for exterior applications. Many of our customers choose fiberglass as their material for planter boxes on wheels because of its durability and ease of use. It's also an attractive option that can mimic painted wood, textured stone, or even terra cotta clay, with the right use of paint and finishing. Other materials are also available.

Planters on casters are a smart option for public areas where flexible space is desired. And beyond the functionality of a movable planter, visual appeal is also considered. Planters Unlimited can create a planter box with wheels that are well concealed, so as to appear like the container rests flat on the ground. Depending on the size, style, and finishes required, pricing and availability may vary.