36in. Paneled Redwood Window Box

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Having a container garden doesn't depend on your patio or deck space, and you don't need a huge yard to enjoy fresh produce, herbs, and flowers. These redwood planters are expertly constructed to provide you with ample space for growing and enjoying all manner of plant life, so you can easily and conveniently create the gardening experience you've been after. Their delightful paneled design provides added beauty and a rustic appeal that is also equally elegant, allowing these versatile planters to work well in a wide range of settings with virtually any home décor theme. Additionally, the natural color brings as little bit of the great outdoors to your windowsill, although they can also be easily painted or stained to reflect your own personal style.
Each planter is constructed with a high level of precision and attention to detail, allowing for a durable design that won't break down over time. Redwood has long been regarded for its unbeatable strength, and these planter boxes live up to that time honored reputation. They'll support even heavy flowers and gardening soil, while also resisting weather damage such as warping and rotting. Lesser timber simply cannot come close. Redwood is also less appealing to pests, so you'll remain worry free about insect infestation.
Our redwood is sustainably acquired.

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Length 36"
Height 8"
Width 8"
Material Wood
Shape Rectangle
Color Natural
Sizes 36"
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