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The Rocca - Round Bowl Planter

Rocca Round Commercial Fiberglass Planter
Sizes range from 18" to 42" Tall and up to 60" in diameter. Custom sizes can be made to order. Price depends upon the quantity.

The Rocca Round planter redefines the aesthetics of the commercial grade planter. Although it is made of super durable and highly resistant fiberglass capable of standing up to any task or climate, it also epitomizes elegant simplicity at its best. Many of our customers – from hotel managers and landscape architects to interior designers and commercial decorators – tell us that the classic design seems to be influenced by the exquisite handmade pottery of Spain, Italy, Greece, Mexico, and the Southwestern USA. Pair it with almost any kind of plant in any decorative scheme, indoors or out, from contemporary to Old World.

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Rocca Round Planter 24in.Dia x 18in.H
Rocca Round Planter 24in.Dia x 24in.H
Rocca Round Planter 30in.Dia x 24in.H
Rocca Round Planter 30in.Dia x 30in.H
Rocca Round Planter 36in.Dia x 18in.H
Rocca Round Planter 36in.Dia x 24in.H
Rocca Round Planter 36in.Dia x 30in.H
Rocca Round Planter 42in.Dia x 36in.H
Rocca Round Planter 48in.Dia x 18in.H
Rocca Round Planter 48in.Dia x 24in.H
Rocca Round Planter 48in.Dia x 30in.H
Rocca Round Planter 48in.Dia x 36in.H
Rocca Round Planter 48in.Dia x 42in.H
Rocca Round Planter 60in.Dia x 42in.H

The Stunning Rocca Round Bowl Planter

For a look of the Mediterranean, check out the stunning Rocca Round Bowl Planter. It conveys both clean lines along with a bit of flare with its narrow base that dramatically rises to a flared opening. This round commercial fiberglass planter provides an elegance and a practicality for anyone looking for luxury hotel planters, for example. Yet, it also has just enough simplicity to use as big flower pots in your own backyard. In the larger sizes, these can double as extra-large outdoor planters that can hold all manner of vibrant floral displays, as well as lovely grasses or succulents to create the aura of green space where none previously existed.

Shop Round Planters Made From Durable Fiberglass

Our Rocca round planters provide years of wear no matter what part of the country they are situated in. From the blazing sun of the desert Southwest to large hotel planters atop a skyscraper in the Upper Midwest, the Rocca delivers season after season of reliable wear. Manufactured using the finest grade fiberglass, the planters won't crack, fade, rot, warp or bow even in the harshest climates. In fact, they require little to no maintenance except for the occasional rinsing or wipe downs should dust accumulate. It's just one of several reasons designers and architects alike choose the Rocca round bowl planter.

Customization Options Abound

Sizes ranges from a modest 24" mouth to a generous 60" diameter, providing loads of opportunity for small shrubs or petite flowers to grow and thrive. Depth options begin at 18" at the petite end and 42" for the larger sizes. We carry several dozen standard colors and four finishes. However, this planter is fully customizable as to size as well as color and finish. It's another of the great features this Mediterranean influenced Rocca planter possesses. With the fiberglass benefits of lightweight and flexibility, longevity and no maintenance requirements, this lovely round bowl planter makes for the perfect large round outdoor planter in commercial applications and estate homes. Let us help you with your next project. Call for customization options and to speak with one of our design specialists today.