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Royal Windsor Deck & Patio Planters

With sophisticated molding detail, these PVC patio planter boxes produce the look of luxurious wood deck planters that have just been given a fresh coat of paint. Although featured here in a clean white finish each of these large plastic planters can easily be painted to match any existing color palette. Choose from rectangular or square dimensions for the size best suited to your container gardening project. Customs may be available upon request.

The Royal Windsor Deck and Patio Planter Boxes make an elegant home for small topiary trees, shrubs and floral arrangements. With a built-in brand of irrigation, these large plastic planters accumulate and hold water in bottom reservoirs so that plants can drink when additional nourishment is needed. Deck planters with this type of self-regulating water system are known to produce healthy growth and also require less watering from the gardener.

Royal Windsor Deck Planters are durable outdoor containers that can be utilized in any climate. These planters do not rot, crack, split or fade, even under harsh exterior conditions.

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Royal Windsor Patio Planters 20" Long 20" Wide 20" Deep
The Royal Windsor Patio Planter Boxes have the classic look of woodwork with the agreeable temperament of durable, large plastic planters for outdoor use. Each of these deck planters is made from quality PVC plastic that can hold up in hot and cold, moist or dry climates. Although sold as white patio planter boxes, the material used to make these large plastic planters is easy to paint using most latex or oil-based paint colors.

At Hooks & Lattice, our extensive line of deck and patio planter boxes includes a host of popular wood alternatives. The Royal Windsor design is an example of large plastic planters that mimic freshly painted wood in appearance, but are lighter in weight, lower in maintenance demands, and greater in terms of longevity provided. Deck planters constructed from quality PVC plastics are known for their ability to stand up in tough climates, resist fading in relentless sunlight, and even provide a plant home that is naturally unattractive to bugs.

Deck planters in this classic design are well suited to home architecture and landscapes with a traditional feel. The molding and ridges on each container face lends itself well to facades featuring dark brick and other richly colored materials. As for placement, these large plastic planters can go anywhere throughout a landscape but are particularly at home on hardscape surfaces including patios, decks and terraces. The Royal Windsor makes a nice addition to a small set of steps leading to an entryway, or flanking either side of a front door.

In addition to its already alluring look, these PVC deck planters are ready to take on a range of your favorite plants and flowers. With sizes large enough to take on small trees and shrubs in addition to some appropriate sized for more modest flower and plant arrangements, these containers bring dimension through their own silhouette in addition to the added depth of container gardens.

Sizes pictured above are available for purchase online, and custom Royal Windsor Patio Planter Boxes may also be available upon request. A Hooks & Lattice home and garden representative can assist with custom orders and questions.