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Planting Window Boxes & How to Make any of them Self-Watering

Building a container garden and aren't sure where to start? Watch our helpful video to learn how to plant window boxes before you begin. This quick how-to video will kick your container gardening project into gear.

Supplies Needed:

  • Window Box Planter
  • Soil
  • Desired plants
  • Reservoir insert (optional)

Any container can be transformed into a self-watering window box with the addition of our Planterwell reservoirs. Add these inserts to existing containers, or add them to your next planter order. Self-watering window boxes save time, money and conserve water. Your plants wick the water they need, so you'll never under or over water your flowers - perfect for first-time gardeners.

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Planting Window Boxes & How to Make any of them Self-Watering

Video Transcript:

Self-watering window boxes save time conserve water and safeguard your plants. Making a self-watering when the box easy.

Start with the flower box if your choice and add a Planterwell reservoir. What size reservoir do you need? Each Planterwell will irrigate 9 inches of soil beyond each edge so take the length of your window box and subtract 18 inches to get the minimum size you need. It's okay if you use a larger reservoir than necessary. This cedar flower box measures 36 inches and this reservoir is 21 inches long.

Adding a reservoir to the window box is simple. They're easy to place, space, remove, drain, store and clean. After you place the reservoir the window box, fill it with soil almost to the top and start planting. Be sure to leave the necessary amount of space between plans to give them room to grow.

Once you finish planting moisten the soil & fill the reservoir with water. The reservoir allows plans to drink as much as they need as capillary action draws water up to the roots - No need to worry about overwatering or under watering.

A flower box with the reservoir can usually go 1-2 weeks without watering so relax and admire the new self-watering window box you've created.

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