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Get the most out of officescapes with lifelike artificial plants - always vibrant, no maintenance required.

Plantscaping adds so much life to commercial atriums, retail centers and professional buildings, and silk flowers and plants help to overcome common indoor challenges like:

  • Low or no sunlight
  • Costly and messy plant care
  • Limited botanical choices

Choosing artificial plants and top quality commercial interior planters awards designers, architects and their clients with the best of vivid officescapes minus the maintenance hurdles. And plantscaping with silk flowers makes virtually any desired species a possibility - from tropical bromeliads, to trained boxwood.

Artificial Plants Unlimited is proud to partner with our sister site Planters Unlimited to create custom artificial plantscape solutions like those featured below. Choose from our extensive offering of commercial interior planters for officescapes as well as outdoor planters for landscape design.

Call for Custom Plantscapes and Artificial Designs:
7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Bench Planter With Various Artificial Plants
Miro Sphere Fiberglass Planter With Various Artificial Plants
Artificial Landscaping Flowers
32" Coronado Premier Planter with Artificial Assorted Succulents
Artificial Dracaena with Modern Fiberglass Planter
Ventura Fiberglass Planter with Artificial Bromeliads
3 1/2 Foot Artificial Aucuba Plant in a Faux Corrugated Concrete Planter
Artificial Horsetail Reeds in Round Prato Fiberglass Planter
Half Round Planter With Various Artificial Plants
Birch Sticks With Faux Foxtail Grass in Modern Fiberglass Planter
Artificial Yucca & Croton Bushes in a Modern Tapered Planter
Silk Aucuba Plant & English Ivy in a Modern Tapered Planter
Decorative Branches
Salt Cedar Branches
Decorative Bamboo Sticks
Artificial Ficus Tree in Sienna Fiberglass Planter
Decorative Birch Branches in Sienna Planter
Artificial Boxwood Ball in Majestic Urn Planter
Artificial Topiary in Laguna Composite Planter
Artificial Topiary Ball in Urban Chic Planter
30in. Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball in Tuscana Planter
Indoor Sword Grass in Cubico Planter
Pampas Mixed Grass Cluster in Rondo Planter 84inH
Grass Artificial Indoor Living Wall 72inHx36inH w/4in Frame
Topiary Pillars